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Bait & Switch

Don Stancill Submitted this review about Avl
Review made Live: 5/3/2013 7:39:00 PM
I contacted the company and they quoted me a price of $430.00 and i was to call back in a couple of weeks when i was ready to ship the car.

the lady remembered the quote and verified the price and i gave a deposit and then decided to pay in full as i was sending the car a as a gift to my Grandaughter and did not wnat her to have to get a casihers check.

later in the day about 30 minutes i got a call back and the lady said ther has been a mistake and the proce is now $695.00 not the $430.00 quoted.

i think this is the very exssence of the old Bait and Switch.

would not use them again. be careful.