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Dorian Pacheco Submitted this review about Autoline Transport
Review made Live: 5/3/2013 1:53:00 PM
I requested a quote in early April to ship two vehicles around the end of April. Autoline's quote was very favorable compared to other carriers. I worked with Heidi Hill and booked the order on April 15th with a pickup date of April 30th. I advised Ms. Hill on this and multiple other occasions that this date was extremely flexible in either direction. Hearing nothing over the course of the next week, I made a follow up contact to Ms. Hill on April 22nd to make sure everything was still on track. She stated I would hear something once they get a driver lined up which probably would not happen until the following week. Ms. Hill also asked if I'd like to move my shipment up a week at which point I asked whether it would affect the price favorably. She indicated it would not so I opted to stick with my originally planned pickup date. I heard nothing from Autoline for the rest of April so I again contacted Ms. Hill on the 30th and she advised that their dispatch had not procured a carrier but would do so soon. The morning of May 1st I received a call from Ms. Hill saying the vehicles could be picked up the next day (May 2nd) but the cost would be over $2300. She stated the reason for this was changes in shipping patterns that occur in the spring. I advised that Autoline should have been aware of this when I scheduled the shipment and furthermore they had ample opportunity to recommend different dates to me as my shipment timeframe was quite flexible. Needless to say I rejected the new price and Ms. Hill said she would follow up with her manager on the issue. I got a call back on May 3rd and the price was now down to $2123 (including Ms. Hill's manager absorbing $100 of the cost) for a May 4th pickup; I similarly rejected this at which point I got an email from Ms. Hill asking if I wanted to cancel the order. Before I even got a chance to reply I got another email 5 minutes later stating my order was cancelled. Good riddance! If you look through their reviews on this site you will notice a lot of the 5 star reviews have green dots on them indicating they were compensated for their review.