Worst expescience. Was so stressed the whole time.

Heather Submitted this review about AutoStar Transport Express
Review made Live: 3/28/2019 8:21:00 PM
No hidden fee? That's a BS. They had to find me a carrier who would deliver my car. They found a carrier but he wanted extra money for delivery. They said I could deny this offer and they would find me another carrier before my pickup date. Nope, they did not. They told me "I am still trying but if I can't find one, I can't." They told me he was the only carrier that they could find. I made this arrangement a month ahead of the pick up date but they were only able to find one carrier (plus they called me two days before the pickup date and offered me this carrier). They don't gaurantee the date or price. If you don't accept that carrier, there's nothing you can do- your car won't be picked up on the date. So I was pretty much forced to choose that carrier who wanted extra money for delivery. Once they find you a carrier, they are done. They don't care if a carrier comes and picks up your car or not. The carrier was supposed to come pick up my car but did not. I called them and they asked me if I could drop my car off instead. Okay, that was find as long as I could have my car before my flight. I went to drop my car off and no one was at the office. I called them and they were like they left early because the internet wasn't working. They told me to leave my car in front of their office and hide my key behind the tire or something. Wtf. They said they would come pick my car up the day after. Nope, again, it did not happen. I had to go to their office again to drop my car off. Such a waste of time. Everything went well afterwards. My car was delivered in a timely manner and the delivery guy was really nice. I am giving a 5-star review only because they are giving me an e-gift for a 5-star review.

Company Response
Mike Cannon from AutoStar Transport Express Submitted this response.
Response Date: 3/29/2019 8:28:00 PM
We always appreciate our customers’ feedback, good or bad, and take it as an opportunity to grow as a better service-oriented company, and have taken the time to review her order. We do feel the need to clarify a few things. We contracted a carrier that could pickup her car exactly when she requested us to do so, and that carrier was confirmed two days prior to her pickup date. When we first contacted that carrier, they had asked for $25 extra, because of sudden difficult weather conditions in the Denver area, which can make their work a lot more difficult. It is our job as a broker to present all offers that we get to our customers, and it is always up to our customers to decide if they accept them or not, but we always push hard to find the best possible price (that can guarantee a good transport experience) and to meet all requested dates. We were never notified by the customer that she had any issues with the carrier company assigned to transport her vehicle, had we been notified of any ongoing situation, we would have jump on it and resolved it, as we do consider that to be a part of our job, which is not over until the car is delivered. We have a dedicated customer service team that all customers can contact if they need anything. We are glad to hear that the customer’s vehicle was picked up and delivered safely and in a timely manner. We with the customer well.