Wakenya Submitted this review about Authority Moving Group LLC
Review made Live: 10/12/2022 11:08:00 AM
Long and short of it: I had an out-of-state move, was contacted by Jayson Dior regarding my upcoming move and he was UBER friendly. Sounded like a nice person and I NAIVELY paid the deposit quite fast based on the info he had provided. Promised I'd get a call back the Friday coming up to go over logistics. COOL. I waited, no call. I had to call them back the next Monday. I'm a business woman who works from home & I don't like my time being wasted. A verification email was apparently sent on Thursday hence why I didn't get a call (email never came)- but there was no communication to that regard! Combing through the verification email, I realized there were 2 major issues: 1. Jay mentioned a "flight" of stairs being covered in the quote, but didn't specify it was 10 STEPS. Anything over would be an extra charge! 2. Delivery to my new address was not guaranteed. THIS is the HUGE problem for me, because my stuff has to be delivered on a specific day! Jayson made it sound like it was going to happen that way, but lo and behold... Next day I reach out to the moving company and now someone else is in charge (Salvatore)- who matter-of-factly states that everything was outlined in the document I signed prior to paying (big mistake on my part, lesson learned) and that none of my deposit would be getting refunded. The only way to guarantee delivery on a specific day is to pay an extra $2500! WTF????? In this economy? I've been saving up for MONTHS to make this move and I have 2 children to care for! I feel duped- there was no clarity on that first call with Jayson, who has chosen to remain unavailable after the fact (I've attempted multiple times to get a hold of him but I'm always advised by Danielle that "he isn't handling my account anymore". I understand losing my deposit of over $1,000, but there needs to be ACCOUNTABILITY. This is NOT the way you run a business!!!!! Unless you want to lose money, I wouldn't hire them. I'm making alternative arrangements for my move which I should have done to begin with.