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retraction of my original review on 10/3/12

Robert A. Wilson Submitted this review about Anytime Inc.
Review made Live: 5/2/2013 1:48:00 PM
I had previously shipped cars twice with Anytime, Inc., between the West coast and East coast, and even wrote them a very positive review on 10/30/12, hoping they would be grateful for my support. The truth was they didn't care, and my next shipment scheduled for Nov. 29, 2012 was a complete disaster. They overcharged me, added a $50 extra fee for a 15 mile change in drop off location, which I paid up front, then never came to pick up my cars as promised. I had to cancel my plane flights and stay in a hotel for 8 days while trying to arrange pick-up with a new company. Stacie and Peter never answered any of my frantic phone calls for help during this whole period. They abandoned me without any regard for their failure. When I finally reached them on the phone, I was told to read all of the print on my contract that states: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING, PERIOD.

These people at Anytime, Inc. are completely despicable and have no conscience whatsoever. They have proven to me that they are in it only for the money and should be shut out of business by the proper authorities. I would also like to alert the I.R.S. to check their books. What rotten thieves.

My out of pocket expense exceeded $1500, above and beyond the car shipping costs.
Obviously, I can't sue for damages since they are not responsible for anything, period.