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Michael Leahey Submitted this review about All American Transport
Review made Live: 11/12/2011 11:08:00 AM
I am current overseas in Afghanistan and my wife contacted this company to move my 1970 Musatng Mach1 from NY to our home in Georgia.

We started the process in early October trying to locate a driver finally after about two weeks a driver was located and the dilivery was to take place on 20 OCT 2011 that fell through and the new delivery date was set for 28 OCT no later the 01 NOV 2011. Well that fell through as well and wqe finally got picked up on 08 NOV 2011. On 10 NOV my wife rceived a call from the driver that he would be delivering the car between 3-4 pm on the that afternoon,that never happened. On Friday the 11th on NOV 2011 the driver calls and tells my wife it will cost her 3,000.00 to get the car back. That was the last time we heard from the driver. We contacted the compnay and no one would take our calls finally Don answered and tlod my wife that they were looking into it and he would get back to us,that never happened.

I would never recommend this company to anyone for anything.

Company Response
Leo from All American Transport Submitted this response.
Response Date: 11/15/2011 3:42:00 PM
Mr. Leahy, I am sorry to say you have been grossly misinformed by your wife. We were hired by your wife on 10/28/11 to find a trucking company to transport an inoperable 1970 Ford Mustang from Skaneateles, NY to Evans, GA. Both pick up and delivery locations were a little off the beaten path from the regular trucking lanes. We were able to find a trucking company with the capabilities to transport an inoperable vehicle (most trucking companies are not able to accommodate inoperable vehicles) to pick up on 10/31/11. The carrier was delayed on pick up for a few days because of early snow storms knocked out phones and power to the trucking company's office (trucking company is based in West Springfield, MA). When the carrier arrived for delivery on 11/9/11, your wife did not have the $900 due to the driver on delivery, as had been the arrangement, and your wife knew she had to have the money in order to receive her vehicle. We have in writing from your wife (on 11/9/11, after the trucker showed arrived to deliver and was in front of her home) that she did not have the funds, and would not have the funds until 11/11/11, even though she set up the order as a C.O.D. (Cash, Cashier's check, or money order on delivery), and she knew she needed to have that money ready for the driver. She told us that the best she could do is write a personal check postdated for 11/11/11. Trucking companies do not accept personal checks as form of payment. Your wife knew it had to be cash, cashier's check or money order. The trucker waited for a few hours outside your home in order to give your wife time to figure out a way to come up with the money. Your wife was informed the vehicle would be put into storage if she wasn't able to pay the driver, her response was to demand that the trucking company deliver the car and accept a personal check that they could not cash until two days later on 11/11/11. After not being able to come up with the money your wife knew she had to have ready for the driver on delivery, the vehicle was taken to storage so the driver could continue on with his schedule. He had others cars to pick up and deliver, and could not sit around Evans, GA for two days. With regards to the ''it will cost 3,000.00 to get it back'' claim, again, you have been grossly misinformed. Carrier said that once they received the $900 that was due to them for transporting the vehicle, they would release vehicle from storage. It is unfortunate your wife did not have the $900 ready for the driver when he arrived to deliver the vehicle, as she knew she had to. All of this could have been avoided had she had the funds she knew she had to have for delivery. We at All American Transport stand by our stellar record of satisfied customers As can be seen from the hundreds of 5 star ratings we have received, as well as our stellar Better Business Bureau rating. This customer's 0 star rating does not accurately reflect the way All American Transport conducts itself. We hope one customer's slanted (and misinformed) review does not taint our stellar reputation in the auto transport industry. We move hundreds of vehicles a month, and the 450 or so reviews on this site only reflects a small fraction of our customers. Our customer service department is staffed and ready to answer anyone's calls from 9am to 8pm (Eastern) Mondays through Fridays, and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm (Eastern). It must be noted that the issues this customer experienced are wholly the result of her not having the $900 in cash, cashier's check, or money order ready for the driver upon delivery as she knew she had to have. We at All American Transport wish Mr. Leahy a safe and speedy return from overseas.