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Bold Faced Liars! Damaged my RV due to poor loading then lied repeatedly that it was pre-existing until I showed photo's to the contrary

Dr. Lee Pierce Submitted this review about Alejandro Express Corp.
Review made Live: 6/12/2017 4:25:00 PM
This company is the worst I've ever dealt with and that is saying a lot. Incompetent and highly dishonest! He loaded my $74,000 Roadtrek right up against the back of a pickup truck he was haling and the pickup bounced and smashed and scraped the paint off and twisted my front bumper. He kept pointing to the falsified bill of lading trying to convince me it was like that when he picked it up and it was my fault for buying it over the internet. The trouble for him was that I had an professional inspection, done with dozens of photos and video of every part of the vehicle and I had the dealer take pictures of the loading process where it is clear no damage existed prior to transport. He was very aggressive and argued, yelled and cussed at me in Spanish but I was not buying it. As he did not get to my city until almost midnight (4.5 hours late) and instead of coming to the shipping center parking lot we agreed to meet, he was and went to the wrong center and parks in a dark area giving me the BS line that a sign said no trucks his size were allowed to go the extra mile to our agreed well lite location. It was insulting that he thought I would believe him when I knew better. When I called him out on lying, he threatened to load the van back on his truck and take it back to Miami with him. I get really PO'ed just thinking of it. Finally he agrees to move the van to a nearby gas station with better lighting and the whole time I am trying to inspect for further damage he is telling how the dealer lied to me and that the front end was damaged in a prior accident blaa blaa blaa lie lie lie. He fought and swore that he was not responsible until I finally pulled up the photos that I had on my phone of his loading process. With incontrovertible evidence in front of him he just went back to swearing in Spanish and would only begrudgingly admit responsibility for the bumper only. It tore me up to pay him the final $1,700 that was due (cash only by the way) but that was what my contract said I had to do to file a claim. He would not produce insurance information or ID when asked, refused to sign in front of me and took the Bill of Lading back from me before I could continue to list damages and signing myself. He hands me a copy and says file a claim but his insurance wont pay because it's an open carrier. We'll see. Then he walks off on his merry way, no apologies, no regrets. Maybe I can amend this review when I go through the hassle of fixing my new RV. What a way to suck the joy out of an exciting event. Warning!!! Use this company at your own risk!