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Worst Service I've Ever Experienced

Rob Submitted this review about AAA1 Transportation LLC
Review made Live: 6/12/2017 4:36:00 PM
Upon my previous review being removed - I have been in contact with Michael Lorenz, who claims to be the owner, regarding money they STOLE (charged my account without permission) and have still not returned. Since I'm unable to post pictures, I'll simply put his email reply in quote's...As I simply asked for a follow up regarding my refund, he wrote back: "GO AHEAD CALL THE BANK HAS YOUR MONEY AND FROZE MINE TOO I TOLD YOU THIS YOU FUCK THE BANK CLOSED ME DOWN TALK TO THEM !"

Simply put- this company is full of crooks...here is my original review:

Entered into contract with Anthony for my vehicle to be shipped from
Utah to California - the first contract that was sent over laid out
the deposit price but dates were incorrect. The follow-up contract I
received had a MUCH higher deposit price which I requested to have
fixed, yet never did. Finally, once a driver was dispatched, I got
charged an amount that was NOT agreed on TWICE. When I called to clear
up my double charge, Anthony was short with me and provided no
meaningful explanation of the charges. I decided after receiving such
poor service upon them receiving my money, to cancel my service
all-together with a refund. In NO place on their contract are there
any 'terms and conditions' outlining what you are signing away - so
there should be no problem. However, since Anthony has decided to
dodge my calls/emails - I have filed a fraudulent charge dispute with
my financial institution. I have never received such poor service and
lack of disregard, let alone owning up to their mistake with an
attempt to fix the situation. Ended up going with AutoTransport123 who
matched the price of AAA1 and has been more than helpful and willing
to work with me.