Florida to Connecticut Transport

Jeff R Submitted this review about AAA Transporters
Review made Live: 9/12/2021 12:30:00 PM
This was the first time I hired a transport and to be honest, I was nervous. Those of us who read all the reviews know what I am talking about. I realize online reviews can consist of those who were extremely pleased or really unhappy. What did I learn? The transport company is ONLY as good as the truckers who respond to the dispatch. AAA is careful with the truckers allowed to accept a job. Some firms simply send out a dispatch order and quite honestly have little to no idea who will respond. Thus the people who post really bad reviews. Missing cars, changes in the fees, leaving cars hours from the agreed destination. The list goes on! This was NOT my experience with AAA and Isaac. I explained to AAA that I spoke with transport services that specialize in classic cars (definitely not the value of my new SUV) and those that offer bargain pricing. AAA quoted a fair rate for an enclosed transport and an accurate estimate for the pickup and delivery dates. My SUV was picked up at the Ford dealership within one day of the payment of my deposit and was delivered to my home two days early. And yes, in perfect condition and the truckers were super nice. You too can shop the internet, read all of the reviews, lose sleep over things like, if you will ever see your car again or overpay from a premium transport company, or you can simply HIRE AAA. It will be one of your best decisions. JFR