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Moving Sites, LLC., the owner and managing company of TransportReviews.com, wants to create an environment with TransportReviews.com that is conducive of trust.

Concern - That TransportReviews.com is owned or influenced by an auto transport company trying to unethically gain an advantage in the industry.

  1. Valley Solutions does business with nearly 100 different auto transport companies. As of August 2010 no one company accounts for more than 6% of Moving Sites, LLC.'s monthly revenue. Transport Reviews.com accounts for less than one-third of Moving Sites, LLC.'s revenue. Over the years companies have found that doing business with us does NOT get special treatment when it comes to reviews.
  2. We work to separate the management of the reviews from the revenue generating support and advertising programs. To get something done with a review you must use the Contact Us Form or report a review form. All contact forms are recorded and assigned to the site administrators. Business and advertising questions are directed to Valley Solutions sales staff.
  3. Our management system was programmed to send an email any time a review is removed from the site. Details including which admin removed the review, when it was removed, and why a reviews is removed is recorded.
  4. REVIEWS ARE HIDDEN, not deleted. Administrators and managers can view reviews even after they are removed from public view.

You can also view a report on how many and why reviews are removed from Transport Reviews.com at: View Hidden Review Report

For more information on how we try to protect the integrity of this site please visit: About The Reviews