Using Transport Reviews: How To Pre-Populate Customer Survey Forms

Transport Reviews wants to help companies make getting reviews more simple. So in order to save your customer's time we allow companies to pre-populate some forms elements on our Add Review Survey Form with data. This will allow your company to send out links to customers with information built into the link so when the customer clicks the link they are taken to the Survey Form and many fields will already have their data on the form.

Please note that as of this time Transport Reviews does not provide technical support for using this feature other than the documentation found below.


  1. Find your companies "Add Review URL". This is the URL that appears in the web address bar when you are viewing the survey form for your company. It will appears like:
  2. Include the name=key values that you want to include for the customer at the end of the URL. The format is: &Name=Value
    NameAccepted Values and Notes
    NameCustomer Name
    EmailCustomer's valid email address
    PhoneCustomer phone number - Preferred format (###)###-####
    OrderIdOrder Number
    CostMust be Integer (Whole Number) Example: 595
    OriginStateProvide valid two letter state code. Example Ohio = OH
    DestStateProvide valid two letter state code. Example Washington DC = DC
    TruckTypeValid Responses are: open, enclosed or driveaway. No other responses accepted.
    An Example would be: