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How do we link our different transport companies and brands?

We have different company names, how do we get them to be linked? How to we show customers the different brands we do business as?



Company names and brands are linked using their MC or USDOT license number

Auto transport companies and brands are linked together using the MC and/or USDOT number.  - If the two numbers are IDENTICAL then the profiles will be linked allowing visitors to see other names that use the MC#.

Companies have space for up to two FMCSA license number.  - Information on adding or modifying license information can be found at:  - How do I enter my auto transport company&apos- s FMCSA MC or USDOT number?

Log into each of your different company&apos- s and make sure the same number is used on each brand.

Once the numbers are all live the linked companies will be viewable from the Transport Reviews Company Snapshot as well as the License Info tab.

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