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How Do I Change My Company's Name?

Our company's name has changed. How do we change it on our Transport Reviews profile.



It likely is NOT possible to change your company's name.

The answer depends on the following questions.

  1. Is the name change significant? Does the name change establish a new brand or company identity?
  • No. If the name change is fixing a typo or making a very minor name change then you would contact the Transport Reviews administrator using your company&apos- s verified user account or email and request the name change.  - As long as the administrator considers the name change minor and feels it does not change the brand, then we will make the name change.
  • Yes. We can not change the company name.  - Please see below fore more information and options.

Transport Reviews is customer ratings and reviews of auto transport companies. More specifically, Transport Reviews is customer reviews of auto transport brands.

When a review is submitted the customer selects the brand that they believe they did busienss with.  - When a brand changes all of the reviews for the old brand remain with the old brand and a new brand or company must be added.

There are several tactics that can be used to make this transition helpful to future visitors to help them understand that the actual company is the same.

  1. Link the companies using the MC or USDOT number. - Brands that share the same MC or USDOT number are linked and show visitors that multiple brands use the same license.  - For information on linking brands view the How do we link our different transport companies and brands - help page.
  2. Request that old names be marked as Inactive or Out of Business - - If the new brand is replacing a brand we can add "- Inactive,"- "- Out of Business"- or possibly other informative tags to the end of the old company name.  - This will help prompt customers to use a different company brand for their review.

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