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Why are reviews for my company disappearing?

Why does our review count keep going down? Where are the reviews going?



They still exist, but are no longer counted in most reports.
We know you watch your reviews and company's reputation closely.  Every once in a while companies will notice that the number of reviews for their company will go down and they are not notified, which is standard practice.

First, congratulations, this is an issue only if your company has been on Transport Reviews for more than two years.  Many companies come and go in a two year period, so it is quite the accomplishment.

While it is an accomplishment to remain in business that long, Transport Reviews wants to make sure the reviews on our site reflects the current quality of your company, not the historical opinion of your company. To accomplish this when we started back in 2003, we decided to limit most reports, and our overall rating, to two years of data.

If your review count goes down and you didn't receive an email, it is is likely because a review is now more than two years old.

Most reports are made up of ratings and reviews over the last two years.

My Review Count Is Different Depending On Report

While most reports use two years not all.  There is also this confusing item too.  What is considered "Two Years" old sometimes varies between reports by a day or two.  
  • Some reports consider two years 730 days (365 x 2).  
  • Others use a calculation that simply changes today's date by two years.
While the difference is subtle it can result in review counts fluctuating depending on the report.  This is caused by the time of day and leap years.


This means that auto transport companies need to always be working to get reviews. The quality and rating of a company is never fixed and neither is your rating on Transport Reviews.

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