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What is the Transport Reviews Cancellation Policy?

How do we cancel support, Quotes.TR, advertising and other Transport Reviews services?



Cancellation Policy - How To Cancel

Transport Reviews Cancellation Policy

Auto transporters can cancel support, Quotes.TR, banners or any other subscription or service provided by Transport Reviews and Moving Sites, LLC at any time. Cancellations are processed immediately. Refunds and prorated services are not provided.

How to Cancel Transport Reviews Support

  1. Visit and log in to the Auto Transport Company Login at https://manage.transportreviews.com/
  2. When logged in click on the link or button to "Manage Support"
  3. Click the bottom button that reads "Cancel"
  4. Confirm and your support will be immediatly cancelled. 
Companies can sign back up at any time using the same Manage Support page.

Other Cancellation Option

In cases where instant cancellation is not available through the automated online system can call 844-387-8683 or use the contact form on Transport Reviews. Specify which service you wish to cancel and please make sure to identify your company name. Cancellations are processed immediately. Any remaining time left before the next charge date is forfeited.

Moving Sites, LLC. reserves the right to modify this policy without notice.

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