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Can an Auto Transport submit reviews on their own company?

Can I post reviews on my own company? What if it is a customer who emailed me their review? Can a company post if the customer sent them the review?



No. Companies may not submit reviews under ANY circumstances.

Auto transport companies may not use TransportReviews.com in order to submit reviews, even if at the request of the customer

Transport Reviews is ratings and reviews of auto transporters POSTED by customers. Directly by customers.  From their own computer or device.

Different variations on this question:
  • Can the customer submit a review from my office when they pick up their car?  No. It will appear as if you submitted the review and the review will be removed.
  • Can my mom, brother, employee, friend, cousin or anyone I know post a review?  No. Even though they may have been a customer people you know directly should not post reviews on your company. They will be removed.

This isn't fair!
 If there is one thing it is, it is fair. Every company on the site has to deal with this rule. No one gets special treatment. The only people who can post a review, good or bad, are customers.

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The customer shall write their own review

It is not ethical to write your own reviews.  -



Absolutly NOT -


Submitting a review about your own company

In order to be fair and honest Transport Reviews requires that all reviews have a verified email.  - They require as many details as possible order no, price, to and from and the verified email in order to prove a review is coming from a customer.  - It&apos- s always been my understanding that they also track IP addresses so if a company is committing fraud and posting multiple reviews from the same computer they can put a stop to it.  -  -



No we are not allowed to do that


Transport companies can not leave themselves reviews

transport reviews does not otherwise transport conpanies to leave themselves reviews. it is against their policy and caught leaving yourself reviews will have them reviews removed immediately.