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Why do you run auto Transport Reviews?

What is in it for us?



We Are A Company That Wants To Do Something Good!

We want to do something good! Most are skeptics when we say this but the fact is we've ran TransportReviews.com (formerly Auto-Transport-Reviews.com) from 2003 to 2006 at a loss of tens of thousands of dollars to Valley Solutions, Inc.

While Transport Reviews does generate a profit the values and mission of Transport Reviews are not to maximize revenue. We only generate revenue from the site if we:

  1. Know that the revenue will not allow a company to gain influence over the ratings and review system.
  2. Keep checks and balances in place to make sure that the administrators who manage the reviews are not the same as the salespeople who work in the revenue side of Transport Reviews. IN FACT, the site administrator do not even work in the same office as the sales staff.
  3. Numerous companies have contacted us believing that "doing business with Transport Reviews entitled them to special treatment." Those companies quickly find out that they were mistaken.

Don't believe us?

Call our sales department (877)499-9432 ext 2 and ask a question about the management of a review (for example say you have a duplicate review). Feel free to act mad. You will be politely instructed to use the Contact Form to contact a site administrator. This is not, as one auto transporter put it, "because we have horrible customer service." This is because paying for a service with Valley Solutions, Inc. and Transport Reviews are COMPLETELY different from reviews system.

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