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Can my company be removed from Transport Reviews?

How do I remove my company from Transport Review?



No. Transport Reviews is not a voluntary site.

Simple Answer 

No. Transport Reviews is not a voluntary site. You may choose to be active with the site or you may choose to neglect your company on the site, but you may not be removed from the site. We will not silence the opinions and free speech of the individuals who choose to submit a review good or bad. Only the customer who submits a review may request its removal

Complex Answer

It is possible for a company to "hide" on Transport Reviews.  However, it requires that 100% of the customer reviews be removed from the site.  Only the person that submitted the review may remove the review, so it makes this very difficult.

However, if all reviews were removed from the site your company would fall into an inactive state on the site. This means that your company WOULD be on the site, but it would not be found in the rankings or directories.

Additional Information

Most reports on Transport Reviews are based on one or two years of data.  After two years without reviews your company will more-or-less be in an inactive state where you will not show up in reports or the directory by name.

However, the company remains on the site, it is just harder to find them.

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