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How To Improve Your Company's Transport Review Star Rating
There is no simple answer for how to improve your company's star rating. Your star rating is a matter of math. So to change your rating you will need to change the math. If you are interested in the math check out:  How Many Reviews Do We Need To Improve Our Rating?

To improve your company's star rating you need to have more positive customer reviews OR have less negative reviews.

This page we will focus on the ways Transport Reviews assists you in improving your company's star rating by increasing the number of reviews your company gets.  How the customer rates you is up to your success as a company.

Direct Link To The Survey Form

Sending your customers a direct link to your company's survey form removes several smaller  obstacles that may prevent customers from taking the time to review your company.  By sending them a direct link to the survey form you save them time.

There are several ways to find your company's direct link.  Here is one.
  1. Go to your company's profile page.  This is the page you view when you are viewing your company's information and overall "large star" rating.  You can get to this page by going to the Find an Auto Transporter page and doing a search for your company name.  Then click on your company name.
  2. When you are on your company's profile page click on "Click Here" the text that reads:  "Have your own experience with Your Company Name to share?  Click Here to add a review"
  3. This takes you directly to your company's survey form.  The URL to send to your customers is the URL of this page which looks something like:  http://www.transportreviews.com/addreview/survey.asp?intCompanyID=### where the ### is your company's Transport Reviews company id number.

Pre-Fill Some Survey Form Fields

This is another tool that will allow you to obtain more reviews by saving your customers time when reviewing your company.  More advanced users can pre-populate, or pre-fill, some survey form fields.  This means that they have a lot less to fill out when they review your company.

Because this feature is a little more advanced we suggest you have your web developer visit:  http://transportreviews.com/About/FillOutFormDoc.asp  There they will find instruction on using this feature of our site.

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improve your companies rating

you can make a thank you email with a link inside directing your customers to go to your page and write about their experience. Once the vehicle is delivered email the customer the thank you email with the link asking to share their experience. -


Just takes patience

Its very easy to improve your ratings on here.

All you need to do is:

1. Make sure you are always in contact with your customer - from beginning to end.

2. Update your customer on the smallest things - ie. "- - - Hey. just calling up to let you know that your vehicle is still on track for delivery on 12.12.12

3. After a couple of days after delivery call your customer to ask how the transport went, thank them for transporting with your company and tell them you will send a thank you letter as well as a link that they can click to write a review about agent "- - - John Smith"- - - so that others and yourself can see how the agent is doing.

4. Wait for the review to come in. Generally it will show up that day or even the next day.

Most important is to find a company that can be honest, trustworthy and upfront about everything. Since many many companies are scams, nasty brokers who curse at customers and treat them worse than crap, steal their money, and promise the customers the world but nothing gets done.

BEWARE of those kind of companies that are not their for the "- - - CUSTOMERS"- - - . We are not one of those companies.

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