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How do I respond to a companies response to by review?

Why can't I respond to a company response?



You can NOT respond to a company response in most cases.
Transport Reviews allows customers to submit reviews of auto transport companies.  Companies may then respond.  Once a company responds to a review the review is LOCKED.

A locked review may not by modified.

Reasons Why

  • Allowing a reviewer to respond to a company's response simply creates a back-and-forth battle.  If the reviewer was to respond the company could then simply change their response.  To battle this it ends with both sides getting one say.
  • Simplifies everyone's lives the back and forth would require both sites to some how be notified of changes so they can keep their content up to date.  This means that companies and reviewers could end up wasting a lot of time modifying their reviews to reflect the moving target of responses and review changes.


  • Customer who have went through the Non Customer Review Process get to post a new review or update their existing review for up to 14 days following the completion of the non-customer review process.  The modifying of a review, even if responded to, is to allow the reviewer update their review with the latest information, including the fact that the company claimed they were not a customer.
  • Rating Changes: If the rating changes a reviewer can submit a new review.  However, only the old review can be used if the rating returns to the original star rating.

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