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There are several different types of user accounts on Transport Reviews.

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Auto Transport Company User Account

How To Set Up A Company User Account

Setting up a company account is broken into two steps.

  1. If your company currently does NOT - - - - - have any user accounts.
    If there is not an account already set up you can request a user account on the Company User Acccount Request
    There you will fill out the form which will request that we create an account.  - - - - - It can take a couple days for us to attempt to verify that you are an authorized representitive for the company.

  2. If your company has a user account and wants to set up addition users.
    Once you have your first user account you can set up additional user accounts from that account.
    First, log into your existing account.  - - - - - Then click on the botton to Modify Company Users.

    Then on the Company Users screen click the button to add New User
     - - - - -

    When you set up a New User account the account will immediatly have access to the site.

Please note that company user accounts are a privilage for auto transport companies on Transport Reviews. Abuse may result in loss of access to the company management section.

Visitors and Quote User Accounts

General site visitors do not currently have a way to create an account.  - - - - - However, user accounts are automatically set up for Reviewers and Price Quote Users.

Reviewers will get an email when they submit their review with information on accessing their review to modify or remove their review.

Quote Users will get a link which will take them directly to their quote requests.  - - - - - Quote Users do not have a way to modify information provided.

Visitors and Reviewers currently do not setup user accounts. If you have submitted a review information about your login can be found at: - - - - - https://www.transportreviews.com/Learn/29/User-Questions/how-do-i-log-in

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