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User Question

How do I Join Transport Reviews?

How do I add my company to Transport Reviews?



Adding a Company and Joining is Free and Simple

Joining Transport Reviews is broken down into two parts.

1.   Adding a Company To Transport Reviews

If your company is not currently on Transport Reviews you must first be added to our database of auto transport companies. ; For more information on adding a company please visit: ; How Do I Add A Company?

2. Getting A User Account For Your Company

Once your company is in our database of auto transport companies you can request a user account.   A company user account allows you to log into the auto transport company section of Transport Reviews.   While logged in you can respond to reviews and modify your company information.  Information on setting up a user account can be found at: How do I set up a company user account?

Optional - Sign Up For Support

Participation and using Transport Reviews is FREE and does not require you to participate in the support program.   However, if your goal is to general new business and to take advantage of the large amount of traffic and customers that visit Transport Reviews then participating in the Support Program is highly encouraged.

For more information on the support program please visit:   Transport Reviews Support

Submitted by on 8/8/2013 2:26:56 PM