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Reviews are Removed by Either the Customer or For Being Thought To Be In Violation of Our Site Rules

Reviews are removed by either customer request or when the review is thought to be in violation of our site rules.

Anytime a review is removed from Transport Reviews
the reviewer is always contacted at the
email address they used to submit a review.

It falls 100% to the reviewer to provide any information that we require to verify a review. You as the company can do nothing other than encourage the reviewer to read the email entirely and complete any actions that are requested in the email. Typically, there is no action required by the reviewer, which means that their review does NOT have an action that would result in their reviews being placed back on the site.

Tips on How To Keep Reviews From Being Removed

  • The customer must post their own review under their own true identity. Anonymous reviews are not allowed.
  • Companies may not post reviews under any circumstances, even at the request of the customer.
  • The customer may not post multiple reviews under different identities.
  • We also have a strict NO PROXY rule that requires reviews not be posted from a computer or device thought to have the purpose of hiding information on the reviewer. If a review is found to be posted from a confirmed proxy it will be removed.

Next Step For The Reviewer

  • The reviewer should contact Transport Reviews if they have questions about their reviews removal.
  • The reviewer is welcome to attempt to place a new review on the Transport Reviews. However, if they were required to send us information for their previous review we require that information be provided before a new review will be allowed. New reviews are held to the same standard as previous reviews. If they are perceived to continue to violate the terms of our site we WILL remove their new review. In some cases they may be blocked entirely from ever posting a review.

Your Role As The Company

As the company you do NOT play a role in this process other than to encourage the reviewer to contact us.

Sending Transport Reviews documents, order forms or forwarded emails will NOT prove that a reviewer is your customer.

The burden falls 100% on the reviewer.

Ask the reviewer to read the email they received from us and act on any requests in the email and/or post a new review.

No Additional Information Provided To Companies

Additional questions why a review was removed are NOT addressed with the company. You are welcome to ask the reviewer. We only communicate about the removed review with the person that posted the review.

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why was your review removed?

Your review was removed because the company you wrote a review on claims you were not a customer. Is your review removed for good? Absolutely not! You must send the review site a confirmation showing you went past the process of a just requesting a quote. i.e. a order form, a receipt and but not limited to an email showing the company did more then give you a quote. -