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Can I submit more than one review if I have used a company multiple times?



No. Submitting Multiple Reviews on One Company is Not Allowed
At this time we only allow one review per customer on a specific company.  Your most recent review should be comprehensive and include your overall opinion of the company that you are reviewing.

Why We Only Allow One

  • We only allow one review per customer to prevent customers that ship hundreds of vehicles per year from flooding a specific company with reviews.
  • You are reviewing the company, not the specific transport.  This means that your most recent experience gives you the most information to share in your review.  A way to think about this is your rating of a movie.  You have an overall opinion of a movie even if you''ve watched it 100 times.  You don''t simply rate each individual time you watch the movie.  Even though locations and environment changes, the movie remains the same.
  • We only allow one review because this also helps us watch for fake reviews.

For Company and Corporate Accounts

Transport Reviews may only allow one review for an entire company.  If we determine that it is likely the business that is the customer, and not an individual, a company may only be allowed to submit one review.

There are many companies that ship many vehicles per year through many different employees.  At our discretion we may only allow the most recent review to reflect the opinion of the company.

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no you can not

no you can not submit more then one review. If you submit a 2nd review the first review will be removed and only the 2nd review will stand. I suggest just editing your first review and adding on to your experience. -

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Yes you can