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What is the difference between an auto transport broker and an auto transport carrier?



Auto Transport Broker vs. Auto Transport Carrier

The carrier is a company or individual who picks up and delivers your vehicle. They are generally not the company that you book your transport with. The broker is the company that you call to arrange your transport with the carrier for you. The broker's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Gathering all the details and any paperwork necesary for your transport
  • Answering any questions you have about the process
  • Finding the best carrier in our network to transport your vehicle
  • Verifying that all carriers in our network have valid insurance and no black spots on their records
  • Only working with the best carriers, and removing carriers from our network if they do not meet our expectations for our customers' experiences
  • Communicating with the customer and the carrier throughout the process
  • Verifying pickup and delivery
  • Resolving any issues that may arise throughout the process
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BROKER is the ONLY person authorized that has contact with the driver. we set his schedule for pick up and delivery, 

DRIVER is the person the picks up the vehicle and deliver, he drives all the time he never call customers to book.


broker vs carrier

To put it simply, a transport broker has a large quantity of drivers all over the country at his disposal to choose from and a carrier has only one to three drivers who are available to go to certain areas of the country per week. A broker does charge a small fee but your car will get moved much quicker. One problem that may arise is that some brokers do not have contracts with these carriers (owner-operators) and/or keep their insurance certificates in their offices. We do both and used to be carriers.  


The main difference between auto transport brokers and auto transporters is that the latter own and manage their own trucks, while brokers typically do not own any vehicles. Their role is to act on your behalf, and quickly find a carrier in your local area that is able and willing to transport your vehicle as per your requirements.