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The Cheapest Way to Ship Your Car is by Open Auto Transport Carrier.

This is a great question as most people want to Save Money.
This is especially true when looking for services in the auto transport industry.

The cheapest option to ship a car is the most common:
The Open-Air Auto Transport Car Carrier
Open transport means that your vehicle will be outdoors, on an open trailer, exposed to the elements of travel. This is the most common and cheapest way to ship your vehicle. There are several types of transport vehicles that can provide open transport auto shipping, from single car trailers to trucks capable of towing 10 or more cars. 

Types of vehicles that can be loaded. 
Pretty much any standard sized vehicle in the category of sedan, regular sized trucks, normal sized S.U.V.'s and even some vans again depending on the size which are determined by length and height. The total size of a vehicle able to fit on an open car carrier would depend on the other vehicles which would be loaded along with it. 

If you have seen an open auto transport trailer, you will notice that the top level can be adjusted to different heights which would allow for the loading and unloading of many different types of vehicles. In any case, expect the vehicle to be strapped down to the frame of the trailer. Thick leather straps or light chains are used around the wheelbase and securely fastened to the metal frame of the open-air auto carrier trailer. 

This avoids the vehicle from bouncing around during transport and ensures that the unit will be delivered in the same condition as it was picked up.
Please Note: Low clearance vehicles may require alternate methods. 

How to determine car shipping cost.
When shipping your vehicle on an open-air auto transporter, you are most likely being transported along with six to sometimes nine other vehicles which are all loaded and secured.

Having so many vehicles on a load to deliver allows the driver to ease up on the total rates per unit. Of course car shipping rates are all dependent on location, gas rates, vehicle size and weight. The higher the demand for service on the route you require will determine the total cost of the transportation in question.

Rates will always fluctuate as they reflect gas prices, mainly diesel fuel.
There is never really any set rates for shipping a vehicle in this industry as everything in the end revolves around fuel prices. Even when gas prices may be at their highest, going open auto hauler will always be your safest and most affordable option when shipping a car state-to-state. 

Full Insurance should be included.
That all depends on the auto carrier which has been assigned to your order. In all cases, any auto transportation provider operating within the United States of America should have the required cargo insurance policy enforced by the F.M.C.S.A.  

This means that your vehicle should be fully protected against any damage inflicted during transport. Be sure to ask for insurance documentation prior to pick up. The auto transport insurance docs could be easily requested by the auto transportation Logistics coordinator who is responsible for dispatching your vehicle to the auto carrier.

Make sure to check the expiration date on the insurance policy and also reassure yourself that your vehicle is completely insured during transport. With all these details in order regarding the insurance during shipment, your vehicle should be in good hands as the last thing anyone wants is an added claim to their policy. This assures you that the driver will take care of your vehicle with the respect it deserves.

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Many Factors Can Determine Your Price

The cheapest way to ship a car?  That can be a tricky question.  It isn't always the "cheapest price".

The reason it isn't always the lowest price you see on the screen is because you're always working with a broker company.  As a broker we have to determine what we think we can get your vehicle moved for and add a profit on top of that.  Nearly all brokers use the same tools to find you your transporter.  So if the price is too low no transporter will want to transport your vehicle because there is usually other vehicles priced higher.  Also, the brokers deposit/fee makes a difference too.  Some broker fees can range from $100 - $300 per vehicle.

To get the price price here are a few tricks:

  1. Choose open car shipping.  It is the cheapest method of having a car shipped.
  2. Be in or closely around a major metropolitan area.  Haulers are not trying to driving to BFE to pick up 1 car for a cheap price.  One example would be having a car shipped to Miami.  Miami is a great location and easily accessible.  The second example would be Green Bay, Wisconsin. Gren Bay is not the most traveled location for car shipping.  Miami will 100% have the better price per mile.
  3. When getting multiple quotes remove the highest and lowest immediately.  Choose someone right in the middle.  This is the one who will actually get your vehicle moved, not have a super high broker fee and will not change your price.


Open Transport

Transporting your vehicle in a open trailer is the most common and economic way to ship your car. There are many different types of open trailers available to haul your vehicle. The cross country auto haulers can transport 7-10 vehicles at a time. The short distance haulers usually transport 2-5 vehicles.



open transport is cheapest way to ship your car


Contact Innovatie Ways Logistics and we will try our best to ship your car cheapest possible way


Depend on the type of transport you need Open or Enclosed

Yes, the cheapest way to ship a car is on open transport. An open carrier often costs hundreds of dollars less than an enclosed carrier.The cheapest way to ship a car is using open car transport. A carrier collects your vehicle and safely transports it to a location of your choice. The actual cost depends on several factors, including distance traveled, make and model of car, vehicle condition, time of the year, and location, further your car travels, more you save on a mile 


Budget Auto Transport Prices

If getting the lowest price for your auto transport is your priority, there are many ways that we can make this happen, including:

  1. Be flexible with your pickup and delivery times. If you are willing to give us the time to line everything up perfectly with a driver who is willing to take your vehicle at a lower price, we can arrange a discount from the standard quotes price.
  2. Be flexible with your pickup and delivery locations. If you are willing to drive your car to the nearest metro area for pickup or meet your driver along their route to deliver your vehicle, it is likely that we can get you a lower price.
  3. If your vehicle is inoperable due to something like a dead battery or flat tires, you would save quite a bit on your quote by taking whatever steps are necessary to make the vehicle operable, as transporting an inoperable vehicle is more costly. Replace the battery or the tires before pickup and you won't have to pay the premium fee for a driver who has the correct equipment to load an inoperable vehicle.
  4. Some drivers won't allow you to store personal items in your vehicle, but many do allow it for an extra fee. Any damage caused by (or to) these items is never covered under insurance, either. If you're looking to save as much money as possible, it's in your best interest to find another way to ship your personal items.
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best price to ship car

There are many variables when pricing a transport; mileage is only one factor. The other factors are size & condition of car, location, weather and fuel prices. In order to get the best price when shipping your car is: it should be running, off a main highway and atleast 10 days notice to schedule a driver.


Open transport is the cheapest way to ship a car. This is because there are more open carriers on the road than any other and they can handle most any vehicle. If the vehicle you need shipped is one you drive daily, open shipping is the way to go. It is almost always the cheapest way to ship a car.


The 7 Factors that Determine Car Shipping Costs

Many people who ask “How much does it cost to ship a car” obtain 3 or 4 auto transport quotes from various car shipping companies. It’s common to see a couple of quotes clustered in the middle, and one or two that vary by several hundred dollars. Knowing how car transport costs are determined enables you to spot any deal that might be too-good-to-be-true, avoiding potential surprises. So, what elements drive car transport costs?

1. Distance

Miles are the starting point, of course – though they are not as proportional as you might imagine. That’s because shorter distances require the same effort in pick-up & drop-off by the driver, even though the Carrier spends less time actually “on the road”. This is why long-distance car shipping can actually be cheaper per mile, just as an airline ticket may cost more per mile going half way across the country versus going coast to coast.

2. Open trailer or Enclosed carrier?

An open trailer is typically the double-decker type seen every few miles on America’s highways, loaded with 7-10 cars on long-haul trips. On shorter routes, 3-4 car trailers do a great job too. 75% of customers find open trailer transport with 3 – 10 cars the most cost-effective method, which is why it’s the most popular way to go. Think of it like flying “coach class” versus “first class”.

Enclosed transport trailers are smaller, with a capacity of just 2-6 vehicles. Since it takes the same number of days and miles (labor cost and gasoline) for a Carrier to drive from point A to point B while getting paid for fewer vehicles, enclosed car shipping typically costs 40% - 60% more than transporting the same vehicle on an open trailer.

♦ Insider Tip: While enclosed transport typically offers a higher level of service, unless your car is a luxury vehicle, exotic car, or a classic valued at more than $70,000 you are likely to be just as satisfied with the more budget-conscious option of open transport.

3. Your Vehicle Type, Size & Modifications

Trailers have maximum loads for safety. A heavier car, truck or SUV uses up more of that maximum-allowable weight load – which means the trailer may be limited on the number of other vehicles it could carry. Similarly, a longer-than-average vehicle takes up more than 1 space on a transport trailer. So, a Carrier transporting a 7000 pound Ford F-350 Crew Cab Long Bed would need to offset that with a shorter, light-weight VW Beetle or such, to optimize space on the trailer . . . if a smaller vehicle is readily available on that route at that exact time. Otherwise, the Carrier might need to depart on time with less than a full load: a factor that goes into the price of transporting a vehicle with above-average weight, height, length or other post-factory modifications.

4. Condition of Vehicle:  Running, or Not?

A car that doesn’t run or start on its own is called “inoperable”, and requires extra time, effort and equipment from the Carrier. The transport driver needs additional incentive to accept a vehicle that he will need to push, pull, winch, jump-start or otherwise skillfully maneuver on and off the truck. He may even need to do so more than once during the course of a shipment, depending on the position of other vehicles already on the trailer ahead of it, which may need to be off-loaded in reverse order.

♦ Insider Tip: The average industry surcharge for an inoperable vehicle is $150. If it seems you’re being charged more, which you can check against the auto-quote of any top-tier car transport company by changing the selection from “inoperable” to “runs”, don’t hesitate to question pricing.

5. Popularity of the Route

Pick-up and/or Drop-offs in rural locations cost more than to and from major metro areas. Larger cities simply have more Carriers that regularly service the area, and there are more major highways for easier access by drivers. Just as there are more flights each day than from NY to Los Angeles than there are from Atlanta to Reno, there are similarly more trucks available in urban areas. This is why it’s easier, and often faster, to get the best rates on widely-travelled routes.

♦ Insider Tip: If you live in an area that’s more challenging for trucks to access – let’s say the mountains of Taos, New Mexico or the coast of Big Sur, CA – consider whether you have the flexibility to meet the Carrier at a rest stop along a major highway. While you’ll need to be comfortable with leaving the timing a little looser until the driver is approaching your vicinity, some customers who live in hard-to-access locations find the cost savings to be worth the trade-off.

6. Season of Year

High demand during key seasons can cause prices to spike on some routes, since even Carrier drivers need holidays. For example, shipping a car before Thanksgiving or Christmas can be challenging to book, and costlier to arrange. Actually, this applies to all major holidays: New Year’s, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and even Valentine’s Day. In certain parts of the country, hurricane season or occasional floods in Florida, Texas, the Carolinas can affect availability and cost as well.

♦ Insider Tip: Did you know the “direction” of car shipments can impact quotes? Just as it’s a lot cheaper to ship goods TO China on a relatively empty container-ship returning home after dropping goods off at a U.S. port, sometimes trailers are fully loaded in one direction, but less on their return route. For example, today there are many more families shipping a vehicle out of California, to Texas or Arizona, than into CA. Or consider that demand during “snowbird season” for car shipments FROM New York and other northern states, down to Florida and other southern states, peaks in October-December. Similarly, booking car transport back home on specific dates during the months of March-May can be a challenge. During such peak times, Carriers are accustomed to getting incentive-pay to prioritize certain pickups, and prices are higher due to sheer demand – just as air travel costs more during peak travel seasons. So if you can be flexible on your pick-up or drop-off week, beyond the typical lead-time to ship a car, you will experience greater satisfaction levels as well as more affordable pricing.

7. Dates / Speed of Delivery

Express car shipping costs about 30% more than standard car delivery door-to-door. A company that offers expedited or express car transport typically guarantees your choice of (1) a precise Pick-up Date, (2) an exact Drop-off Date, or (3) a guaranteed interval of “x days” from Pick-up to Drop-off.

♦ Insider Tip: When you pay a premium for Express car transport, request a written guarantee on what reimbursement you can expect if by any chance your Carrier doesn’t meet that date. At a minimum, you should expect a refund on the difference between what you paid, vs. the “base price” for standard car shipping which a Transport Broker should also inform you about at the time of booking. As an extra measure of good will, a top-tier company also stands behind its express car shipping guarantee with a credit against your base price. A discount of 10% of the base car shipping cost, or up to about $100, is a reasonable expectation.


What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

The most inexpensive way to ship a car is on a multiple car hauler and in a container when going overseas. This splits the cost of transportation with other shippers that are sending their vehicle.

The cost of transportation may differ depending on the mileage, size, and weight of vehicles. The Main Factors That Determine Car Shipping Cost are Car Shipping Date, Vehicle make & model of the vehicle, Distance, Transportation type, Location, and Vehicle condition.Call us today at 888-307-0303 Visit us at https://www.freight4all.us/car-shipping


The shipping date often plays a huge role in the cost of shipping a car. It's best to book a car shipment as far in advance as you possibly can and make sure to let us know of any important pickup and delivery dates.Call us today at 888-307-0303 Visit us at https://www.freight4all.us/car-shipping


The distance between Pickup and delivery is probably the number one factor determining how much it costs to ship a car. The farther the car moving distance, the higher the expense for car shipping services in terms of fuel, wear and tear on the truck, and time of transport. Longer distances generally lead to a higher auto shipping price but a lower cost of shipping a car per mile. The average miles that are covered a day are 500 miles

Vehicle make & model:

We need the exact vehicle specifications because the truck driver has to know how much space will be needed. Longer and taller cars require additional vehicle transport adjustments and the cost for shipping a car might be slightly higher. Modifications like large tires on the roof can also increase the cost of car shipping. All vehicles are insured while on the transport carrier. The lower the vehicle ground clearance, the more prone to damage, especially when shipping Open transport. The lower the vehicle ground clearance, the more prone to damage, especially when shipping Open transport. Any vehicle with 4 inches ground clearance and lower should ship Enclosed, any vehicle over 5 inches ground clearance should be safe to go Open. Enclosed is premium is 40-50%, sometimes more.

Transport type: Transporting Cars Open or Enclosed?

Open transport is the standard in the industry and is the cheapest way for car shippers to move your vehicle. Most people shipping a cargo with open car transport. we recommend using enclosed car transportation services that shield vehicles from debris and weather. Enclosed transport can increase the cost but is worth the peace of mind for delicate or luxury car transportation.The average Enclosed transport price is roughly 40-50% higher. Part of the reason is that an Enclosed auto hauler can fit only two to six vehicles, whereas an Open car mover can accommodate four to ten. Both types of car transport companies travel the same distance and have similar expenses therefore they must make up the difference in revenue.Call us today at 888-307-0303 Visit us at https://www.freight4all.us/car-shipping 


The location has a big effect on faster car shipping services.Large city's usually have plenty of trucks available to carry out auto shipping orders for car shippers that can lower cost. If you live far from a major highway, you can opt to meet the trucker at a designated location for a better cost for shipping a car and faster car transportation services like a major parking or a nearby street.Call us today at 888-307-0303 Visit us at https://www.freight4all.us/car-shipping 


How much does it cost to ship a car during Summer? How much does it cost to ship a car during winter? There are seasonal fluctuations that may affect the car shipment cost. Vehicle transport services to warmer states are very popular during snowbird season and the prices for transporting a car to those destinations will be higher during that period.snowbirds from the colder northern states travel to the warmer southern states in the Winter, driving up the price to places like Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, and Florida. They return home in the Spring escalating prices.Call us today at 888-307-0303 Visit us at https://www.freight4all.us/car-shipping 

Vehicle condition:

Is your vehicle operational? Does it run at least well enough to drive it on and off the auto transport carrier? Car shipping companies prefer to have options of repositioning a truckload of transport cars, and non-runners put a damper on that flexibility. There are a limited number of Drivers with a winch so if your car is running, you will get a better auto shipping price from car shippers. If your car is inoperable but does roll, steer, and brake, it will require a winch. If it does not it will require other accommodations to be loaded onto the carrier trailer increasing the cost of shipment. Contact us for the best price on Inops. Call us today at 888-307-0303 Visit us at https://www.freight4all.us/car-shipping

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Cheap car transport

easyautoship,com offers the DIY program. it allows customers who are flexible on time and locations to name their own price and it is shopped to carriers in our network. This process usually allows the customer to save 25% of the retail price of a regualr booking. We can best describe it as flying standby.

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Open Carrier is the most cost effective way to ship Vehicles. Keep in mind High end vehicles should be shipped enclosed.

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Just take a look below

We think the greatest price determiner for auto transport is the company you hire to truck your car.

The price also depends on a few factors such as transportation time, pick up window, car condition, etc.

Image title

Usually, the price might get lower if the customer can

  • Make sure the car runs and drives
    As one may imagine, shipping a car that runs is way cheaper. So if there are any minor issues that can be easily solved, make sure to fix them and you will get a rather affordable option for shipping.

  •     Choose open transportation
    If there is no specific need to have your car transported in an enclosed trailer, feel free to book with the price of an open trailer. Click here for more information on this topic.
  • Be flexible on pick up time frame
    Flexibility on pick-up and delivery dates can give the carrier enough time to arrange their schedule. This is always preferred for the carriers and the brokers, whcih means that the price would be lower.
  • Choose not to ship any personal items with the car
    Shipping extra items with the vehicle will raise the price of the shipment. If the car is empty, you will receive the lowest price possible for that factor.
  • Bring the car to a nearby big city, which is a more common pick-up space for carriers

    The drivers usually prefer pick-ups from bigger cities that are close to the highways. If there is a need to go to the countryside, the driver might charge a lot more. Having the car picked up at a nearby hot spot is relatively affordable.
    Remember: The most significant factor is what company you choose to ship your car with.

    Kindest Regards
    Tempus Logix Vehicle transportation 

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Cheapest Way to Ship a Car

The cheapest way to ship a car is on an open car carrier.

Enclosed car carriers cost approximately 50% more than open car carriers.


What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

Open transport


Cheapest way to ship a car

There are a few different options available for the budget conscious. A drive-away service or shipping via train would provide the cheapest possible rates for shipping your vehicle. Keep in mind that a driveaway service will add wear and tear to your vehicle and there could be breakdowns along the way! For train shipments, the transit times can be quite lengthy. We recommend selecting our open transport service for the most affordable shipping option.

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TIME AND DISPOSITION TO MEET WITH DRIVER. since there are other cities wich are cheapest. and time so we can negociate with driver for a lower rate or get a bigger truck.