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The cheapest option is Open Auto Transport. Heres Why:

This is a great question as most people want to Save Money. This is especially true when looking for services in the auto transport industry.

The cheapest option to ship a car is the most common:
The Open-Air Auto Transport Car Carrier.
Open transport means that your vehicle will be outdoors, on an open trailer, exposed to the elements of travel. This is the most common and cheapest way to ship your vehicle. There are several types of transport vehicles that can provide open transport auto shipping, from single car trailers to trucks capable of towing 10 or more cars.

Types of vehicles that can be loaded.
Pretty much any standard sized vehicle in the category of sedan, regular sized trucks, normal sized S.U.V.'s and even some vans again depending on the size which are determined by length and height. The total size of a vehicle able to fit on an open car carrier would depend on the other vehicles which would be loaded along with it.
If you have seen an open auto transport trailer, you will notice that the top level can be adjusted to different heights which would allow for the loading and unloading of many different types of vehicles. In any case, expect the vehicle to be strapped down to the frame of the trailer. Thick leather straps or light chains are used around the wheelbase and securely fastened to the metal frame of the open-air auto carrier trailer.
This avoids the vehicle from bouncing around during transport and ensures that the unit will be delivered in the same condition as it was picked up.
Please Note: Low clearance vehicles may require alternate methods.

How to determine car shipping cost.
When shipping your vehicle on an open-air auto transporter, you are most likely being transported along with six to sometimes nine other vehicles which are all loaded and secured.
Having so many vehicles on a load to deliver allows the driver to ease up on the total rates per unit. Of course car shipping rates are all dependent on location, gas rates, vehicle size and weight. The higher the demand for service on the route you require will determine the total cost of the transportation in question. Rates will always fluctuate as they reflect gas prices, mainly diesel fuel.
There is never really any set rates for shipping a vehicle in this industry as everything in the end revolves around fuel prices. Even when gas prices may be at their highest, going open auto hauler will always be your safest and most affordable option when shipping a car state-to-state.

Full Insurance should be included.
That all depends on the auto carrier which has been assigned to your order. In all cases, any auto transportation provider operating within the United States of America should have the required cargo insurance policy enforced by the F.M.C.S.A.
This means that your vehicle should be fully protected against any damage inflicted during transport. Be sure to ask for insurance documentation prior to pick up. The auto transport insurance docs could be easily requested by the auto transportation Logistics coordinator who is responsible for dispatching your vehicle to the auto carrier.
Make sure to check the expiration date on the insurance policy and also reassure yourself that your vehicle is completely insured during transport.
With all these details in order regarding the insurance during shipment, your vehicle should be in good hands as the last thing anyone wants is an added claim to their policy. This assures you that the driver will take care of your vehicle with the respect it deserves.


Open transport is the cheapest way to ship a car. This is because there are more open carriers on the road than any other and they can handle most any vehicle. If the vehicle you need shipped is one you drive daily, open shipping is the way to go. It is almost always the cheapest way to ship a car.


Budget Auto Transport Prices

If getting the lowest price for your auto transport is your priority, there are many ways that we can make this happen, including:

  1. Be flexible with your pickup and delivery times. If you are willing to give us the time to line everything up perfectly with a driver who is willing to take your vehicle at a lower price, we can arrange a discount from the standard quotes price.
  2. Be flexible with your pickup and delivery locations. If you are willing to drive your car to the nearest metro area for pickup or meet your driver along their route to deliver your vehicle, it is likely that we can get you a lower price.
  3. If your vehicle is inoperable due to something like a dead battery or flat tires, you would save quite a bit on your quote by taking whatever steps are necessary to make the vehicle operable, as transporting an inoperable vehicle is more costly. Replace the battery or the tires before pickup and you won't have to pay the premium fee for a driver who has the correct equipment to load an inoperable vehicle.
  4. Some drivers won't allow you to store personal items in your vehicle, but many do allow it for an extra fee. Any damage caused by (or to) these items is never covered under insurance, either. If you're looking to save as much money as possible, it's in your best interest to find another way to ship your personal items.
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best price to ship car

There are many variables when pricing a transport; mileage is only one factor. The other factors are size & condition of car, location, weather and fuel prices. In order to get the best price when shipping your car is: it should be running, off a main highway and atleast 10 days notice to schedule a driver.

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TIME AND DISPOSITION TO MEET WITH DRIVER. since there are other cities wich are cheapest. and time so we can negociate with driver for a lower rate or get a bigger truck.