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What is the Bill of Lading?

When my vehicle is picked up there is a bill of lading... what is it?



Very Important for You to Sign & Keep

The carriers' bill of lading, also called a condition report, is very important. When the driver picks up AND delivers your vehicle he will mark the condition of your vehicle, noting any scratches, dings, etc. You (or if you are unable to be there) someone you trust, must sign at both pick up and delivery. If there are any discrepancies you MUST make a note on the BOL that during transport something changed. All of our clients have our owner's cell phone # and are encouraged to call with any isssues/questions at any time. If a client signs the BOL stating everything is fine and later sees an imperfection, it is almost impossible to make a claim and get reimbursed for any repairs. The difference between us and many brokers is that we have long time relationships with our drivers and they want us to be satisfied.


A bill of lading (BOL) is a legally binding document listing the details of the shipment.

A bill of lading also has many other functions that are important to know about. Click here, for more detailed information on bill of lading.

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At the time of loading and delivery you will need to view and sign a document.

In the car transport industry, a Bill of Lading / Inspection Report is a 1-page document that serves 2 purposes: (a) It documents the condition in which the vehicle was picked up and then later dropped off, and can be used as a source of comparison between the two dates. (b) It is a legal document used in the transport industry which specifies WHAT is being transported (Year, Make Model), FROM where, TO where, FOR WHO (Customer Name), and BY WHO (the name of the transport Carrier company).

The Bill of Lading must be signed by an adult. When you delegate the responsibility for signing this report, you are authorizing that person to accept the condition of the vehicle on your behalf. So it’s important to note any issues or concerns at the time of pickup and/or drop-off, before signing the form. We also recommend taking pictures or a brief video of the vehicle both before pickup and after drop-off. 

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Proof of Transport

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The bill of lading is the sole document that tracks the history of the shipment from pick up to delivery. 

The document has multiple purposes.

Each driver should show up with the company bill of lading. Upon pick up the driver performs a thorough inspection to mark down any dents, scratches or damages that the vehicle might have. Pick up customer will have to sign off on the bill of lading confirming that everything is correct witht the inspection and that the vehicle has been released to the driver.

Upon delivery, the receiving party will perform an inspection on the vehicle making sure that there are no new damages that have occured during the transport.

In most cases, the bill of lading also contains the terms and conditions of the carrier assigned.

If there are any damages, it is important to note down everything on the bill of lading at the time of the delivery.

The document also serves as prove of shipping the vehicle from point A to point B if the driver gets questioned at any of the weight stations nationwide.


Bill of Lading

bill of lading (sometimes abbreviated as B/L or BoL) is a document issued by a carrier (or their agent) to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment. It is the customer`s obligation to request the BoL on the pickup in order to get the reimbursement if the car is damaged during the transportation. Also, if you forgot to remove your SunPass, it will help you to dispute the tolls charge!


referred to as BOL

It is the paperwork a carrier will use to inspect your vehicle and deliver with.

Demand a copy at pick up and delivery. Make sure that the paperwork matches

on both ends.


Expedited Shipping Services Bill of Lading explanation

a BOL for short is the legal receipt in auto shipping a shipper is given when the transaction is complete. The client signs the bill of lading at pick up and drop off