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Merry Submitted this review about eShip
Review made Live: 4/18/2019 3:04:00 AM
I could go on and on about how trash this company is, but i'll try and stick to the main points. however, let it be known, my blood boils when I have to revisit my experience with this steaming hot garbage pile of a company. I moved from Chicago to Memphis, with an armful of tiny furniture and cardboard boxes. The volume of stuff legitimately fit in a UHaul cargo van that advertises a rental price of $19.95 an hour. (And for the record, I can prove that fact, because that's what someone showed up in with my stuff to drop off). Josh was the first person I dealt with and was, by and large, the reason I got screwed. He promised the moon and the stars and everything in between. That included: at least 2 movers per truck, who would do everything from wrapping, taping, and blanketing fragile items such as mirrors and picture frames, dismantling any large furniture, while also unpacking the blanketed items and rebuilding the broken down furniture at the drop off site. On top of all that, I was ASSURED this was all being done with a company that operated "in-house"; that is, NOT a brokerage moving company. He said, and I quote, "it's going to be our guys the whole way, you won't be dealing with joe schmoe at any point. Just me, I'm your personal assistant". I then filled out a couple pages detailing the specifics of my move--i.e., how many flights of stairs were involved at both locations, parking accessibility, specifics on the amount of belongings I was moving, ideal dates for pick up and drop off etc. I was then quoted 1299 for the "whole package". Cool. Two days later, I was asked to move my pick up date 48 hours in order to accommodate the trucking traffic/schedule. The incentive being my items would be delivered, "GUARANTEED" within 24 hours of my first available drop off date. The movers that showed up were extremely young, one of them talked to me about politics for a half hour, and he also made it clear they had been contracted for the job. I was also, the day of, charged $150 extra for having stairs, even though I had clearly stated the building situation in the information I provided in order to receive my quote. Which also cost me an extra $400 dollars upon delivery. Ignoring the fact that I was only contacted about my shipment being in my vicinity a full 9 days after the "guaranteed delivery date", the next truck driver had to rent a cargo van and transfer my belongings because his "truck wasn't going to fit on my street". I moved to downtown Memphis, quite literally across the street from the stadium where their NBA team plays. I ended up spending just over $2000 for moving a van load of things. And in the end, my attempts to reach anyone from EShip to address the plethora of offenses I felt scammed by--I got a whole lot of radio silence. Avoid this "company" like the plague, if you have half a brain.