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eShip Transport will never criticize our competitors; we would rather educate you on our services. We may not be the lowest price quote, we are not your most expensive price quote either, and we are in the middle. In the auto transport industry cheap quotes do not yield results. Eship Auto Trans , quotes your vehicle according to market value based on transport cost, fuel , tolls, and comparable vehicles moved within 50 miles of both your pick up delivery area, and what your designated route requires. When you choose the cheapest price quote, you expose yourself to the risk of hiring a less reputable carrier that may or may not have the proper Insurance, and risk your vehicle post for delivery on Central Dispatch for weeks before being picked up by a trucker, or worse never being assigned for pick up at all. Eventually the company you booked with calls and ask for additional money, so that they can get a trucker to deliver your vehicle. We understand and we are aware that this occurs all the time. It’s the classic bait and switch, they lure you with the lowest price, and don’t deliver, after weeks of trying to get your vehicle moved; they require you to pay more to get the job done. Eship Transport provides a 100% Customer satisfaction , CALL NOW !

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