Very happy with service

Jaime Perkins Submitted this review about Viceroy Auto Trans
Review made Live: 8/7/2019 8:24:00 PM
Viceroy auto trans did a great job! I needed my car picked up in California and delivered to Florida where I would be beginning my new job as an art director for a teaching facility which I prefer to leave unnamed. I was very skeptical at first. I did my research and looked online and read many reviews and saw that most companies and the auto transport industry are not really about doing good business. It seemed like most of them were nothing but online internet scams meant to take your money and disappear before you ever knew what happened. As you can imagine, I was very nervous about selecting a company. I also made myself even more weary when I requested a quote from some type of advertisement Hub that seemed to have sold my information to multiple companies. The phone calls seemed to never stopped. I was bombarded by text messages and voicemails and emails and calls and calls and more calls and more calls. It nearly drove me and my wife crazy. I had to even stop using my phone for a few days because it seems like every time I reached for it someone was calling me to talk about car shipping. In all the confusion I came across this company Viceroy. I read the reviews. They weren't perfect but they were well enough to get my attention. I contacted them and they were very descriptive and everything that they would do for me. This was another Plus for me considering that a lot of the companies I spoke to seem to not even speak proper English. I'm pretty sure a lot of these auto transport companies are Outsourcing their work two firms that act like telemarketing agencies. Talking to Viceroy, I found out that I was dealing with a family-run business. They subcontract out most of the work they get but from the looks of their reviews they seem to be using companies that are either Affiliated closely or just reputable from their job performance. Booking the order was easy. They sent me everything in writing to my email. I had all the details from pick up time to delivery time. I was giving the drivers contact information. I also had a number to contact their dispatcher in case of an emergency or if I wanted information of any kind. You better believe I bothered the hell out of them. It took eight days to get from California to Florida and I must have called them everyday about twice. The people I spoke to Tom, James & John were all available when I needed them. If one was not there, the other guy was there to assist. When the driver showed up to pick the vehicle up, they conducted a vehicle inspection. My vehicle was in perfect condition so there wasn't any marks on my vehicle inspection sheet. On delivery the car was perfect. I was surprised. It was a little Dusty from traveling East on the I-10, but overall it was great. The driver was courteous. He was very professional and understanding. I had his number too and must have called him about once a day. Keep in mind, I'm a married man with a wife. She made me do most of the calling. What really surprised me, it's once the delivery was completed, Viceroy auto trans dispatch Department contacted me to get an update on how I felt about their job performance. This was an added plus. Plus plus plus. My wife and I are so happy we finally got our car. I would definitely use Viceroy again and I would recommend them to all my friends and family. My brother is also going to be moving to Florida soon. That big oaf is bringing his wife and four kids. They already have your number Viceroy. Expect a call from them in about a month or so once I get everything ready for them. You guys are the best!