Los Angeles to Dallas shipment of Mazda

Tom + Larry Submitted this review about Unlimited Distance Transportation Inc
Review made Live: 10/16/2021 9:14:00 AM
Wow... What an impressive experience. Isabella took my call and initially explained a bit about the process. We settled on a price and she called back within a few hours with a driver ready to go the next day after receiving our information on specifics. I have to interrupt to compare... We had already decided to go with a different company... But right after we received their contract that other company called back to try and pressure us into paying approximately $300 more! That was a different company trying to scam us? That other company then called back to say okay... If you don't pay extra then they need to go look for somebody again. Larry and I decided these guys from the other company are no good. Look for another... And that's when I found Isabella at unlimited distance transportation. Their driver showed up to very next day. The drivers texted that they might show up in the morning but due to and urgent request they would delayed a few hours helping someone else. When my drivers showed up they had a towed three vehicle trailer already with two cars on it. These were the nicest guys! I gave them to ice creams pelotas I had a long conversation with them while they were working. They carefully loaded our Mazda and tightened the straps to hold it down. Before they left I gave them another two ice creams plus some fresh cinnamon rolls. They seemed quite appreciative. On arrival in Texas they were great with the communication texting us they expected arrival time plus a moving map with their moving point on the map heading towards us. And the last half hour you could see on the map exactly how far away they were as they approached. They were super polite and seem to work really hard and fast, but they were also very careful and respectful. I don't think Larry gave them any ice cream possibly because he didn't have any on hand? In Texas the guys did mention how I gave them four ice creams plus two cinnamon rolls! I know unlimited distance probably deals with many many different companies for transportation and countless different drivers. Your experience may vary... But my experience was first rate. On a scale of 1 to 10 stars they get 12 stars!