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Junior Submitted this review about Universal Transport Services Inc.
Review made Live: 5/1/2013 6:22:00 PM
Yes I made the mistake of not reading all the reviews. These guys are new 3 months old took over an existing business they claim that they have improved but I tell you I didn't see it. It's a hook they are great and persistent until you commit! then they set you on the back burner! once your in the system they just blow you off you won't get through! I got 10 calls prior to me making a commitment and they followed up quick before I gave my CC info! after that it took me 3 days to get through then i was jumped around to everyone..... always ended up the same spot " sorry but due to technical difficulties your call will now be disconnected." Now I know why they couldn't fill my order NO drivers will sign with them.

Take a little advise read all the reviews not just the ones they want you to see. Dig into the history of this company i have.....but now it's to late. God only knows when I will get my refund if I do? Don't deal with Reggie or Xavier they are the ruthless team! One is I charge of getting the commitment the other is in charge of filtering the calls. That's it!!! they don't seem to care if they move cars or not. They get the deposit that's all they care about they make there money upfront the take 35% from the driver that gets all the headaches.

I wouldn't let these guys move a skateboard let alone a car. This is a hard lesson learned it cost me $195 but I assure you it won't happen again and hopefully it won't happen to you!

Company Response
Lourdes Mederos from Universal Transport Services Inc. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 5/3/2013 11:14:00 AM
First and foremost, I would like to apologize for any miscommunication in how you perceived your move, and our effort to move you. We at Universal Transport Services, take pride in assisting customers with the difficulties that are involved in moving a vehicle. As you can see, this is our 9th transport review, we move an average of 25 cars per day, thus making all reviews shown, less than 1% of our actual clientele. Regarding your “lack of contact” comment, we took the initiative to call you after you booked your order to thank you and to verify your information for accuracy. No other company we know of takes this action. I, Reggie, then spoke to you 2 days later 3 times throughout the day. I never avoided you whatsoever, so your claims are untrue. As of the negative comments below, they are all from Consolidated Auto Transport, the company we bought out. Even with the bad condition of the orders we received from Consolidated, over 300, we still maintained above 99% of satisfied customers which surely is not reflected here. I would truly like to thank those who have replied positively below, and appreciate and respect the comments of those who have been negatively affected by Consolidated. Junior, I hope you have success in moving your vehicle and really wish you would have given me the time on the phone to explain how this all works and how I could have alleviated the issue.