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Nightmare of an Experience

Amanda Submitted this review about Tru Auto Transport Inc.
Review made Live: 12/30/2011 10:46:00 AM
I'm looking at all these terrific reviews of Kim and her company and I fail to understand how mine could have gone so wrong. Everything was fine up until the day my car was scheduled for pick up (Friday, Dec. 16). The company Kim hired never showed up or called. I called Kim but was never able to reach her. I was scheduled to leave the next day (Sat. Dec. 17) and had no choice but to leave my car behind. Thank goodness my roommate was also a friend of mine! I did not receive a response from Kim until Sat. via email. She apologized profusely staiting that she was on vacation but would fix the situation. She further stated she would call the next day. I did not hear again from her until two days later (Mon Dec. 19). She had found me another driver who would pick up my vehicle on Wed. (Dec. 21). That started a whole new nightmare! The driver was supposed to show up in the afternoon as my roommate had meetings to attend in the morning. He showed up instead in the late morning and stated that if my car was not ready for pick up, his boss would probably cancel the order! I was able to reach Kim and I will admit she did come to my rescue then and forced the driver to stay put until my roommate would be available. Thankfully my car was picked up and I breathed a sigh of relief, believing the ordeal to finally be over. Unfortunately it wasn't. The driver called me on Fri. (Dec. 23) and left me a message stating that he would be arriving at my destination in the early afternoon of Christmas Eve, which had been previously discussed and was fine with me. He then further added that payment of $575 was due upon delivery cash or cashier's check. This was a huge surprise to me as I had paid Kim via credit card $525 two weeks prior! I called Kim and she said not to worry, I did not owe the driver any money and that she would get the matter straightened out. She also added that if I needed anything, she would be working on Christmas Eve. Much to my dismay, the matter regarding payment was not straightened out! The driver called me the next day again stating payment was due. I frantically called Kim and once again, she was unable to be found! The driver stated they would have no choice but to hold my car and the owner of the company stated if they had to redeliver my car, a redelivery charge of $575 would be expected. Thus began nasty conversations between my father and the owner of the company, filled with threats of lawsuits. Still I received no callback from Kim. My poor mother had no choice but to run to the bank and get the demanded $575. I sent an email to Kim immediately after receiving my car complaining about the lack of service that I had received and informing her a dispute would be filed with the credit card company so that the $525 paid originally could be refunded. I finally heard from Kim late Christmas Eve via phone and email again apologizing profusely and promising to credit the charge account IMMEDIATELY. I did respond to Kim via email on Christmas Day informing her I did not want to hear any more excuses. I just wanted the charge account credited and for someone to refund me the extra $50 paid to the driver as the quote had been for $525, not $575. Needless to say I never heard back from Kim and to this day I have yet to receive a response. A dispute was filed with the credit card company on Monday (Dec. 26) and it was learned that the charge account had not been credited IMMEDIATELY as promised and furthermore it was learned the charge account had been charged by Kim for $625, not the $525 as quoted. I feel so let down by Kim and her company. It saddens me deeply that I cannot write a review in favor of her services. I will never use Kim again and I'm sad to say I will not be referring her to any friends and family who are in need of transportation services