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With Intent to Decieve

Todd Submitted this review about Transport Relief LLC
Review made Live: 5/3/2013 7:16:00 AM
I am a 28 year retired US Army Combat Veteran (OIF). I purchased a vehicle online and submitted for quotes to transport this vehicle via a site on Hemmings Auto Classifieds, and in turn received about 10 emails from interested companies. Transport Relief called me immediately and stated they will beat anyone's price and even offered me a military discount. The immediate customer service was exceptional and they had an online service to secure the contract and required deposit of $200. I later learned that reputable companies in the same industry do not accept a deposit until the carrier is secured for the price that you agree upon, as well as the contract.

Companies in this market are brokers, most do not have transportation assets organic to their company, however very few do. They list your vehicle for the price agreed upon on a service called "Central Dispatch"; monitored by drivers. If they low ball your figure, your vehicle sits as other admirable companies clients vehicles move across the country. With Transport Relief, it is a sad case of "Bait and Switch", holding your deposit as hostage while they strong arm you to increase the transport fee (which goes to the carrier), otherwise weeks go by; five weeks in my case. All the service and smile goes away as soon as you give them your deposit.

I eventually went with another company that sent me an original quote, and they picked up the truck in two days. If you do not know the business then you are at the mercy of careless, reckless and unsavory people who pry on someone trying to save a buck. It is a consciences, tactical decision to mislead and misrepresent a service all the while knowing they will force you to increase your fee to what everyone else quoted you. Best advice I read on these sites later is do not go with the cheapest, do not go with the highest, go somewhere in the middle and check out the company out first. DO NOT EVER GO WITH TRANSPORT RELIEF, OWNERSHIP RELIEF OR TITANIUM TRANSPORT. These are all the same companies; they change names and LLCs frequently when consumers catch on.

Never got my deposit back, and had to pay the other broker a fee as well. In the long run I could have just increased the transport fee to Transport Relief and it would have turned out the same, in theory. You never give in to terrorists, nor people holding others hostage; that only enables them to continue doing wrong. They display bad judgement and lack moral fiber and integrity, which is important to your association with them. Stay far away from these jokers, they have bad karma. I have more respect for the insurgents we fight in Iraq/A’stan as they have the courage to let you know up front what their game plan is.