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Pete Leo Submitted this review about Trans Auto Transport FL LLC
Review made Live: 5/6/2013 3:13:00 PM
The company was ok, but they are brokers. I had to call them to get information on the pickup a couple weeks prior. Alan then called a few days prior to tell me the truck that was going to pick the car up broke down and would not be fixed on my needed pick up date. He was able to find another trucking company to pick up the car, but the driver wanted more money. Since I still needed the car to be shipped the week of 18 March 13, I agreed to pay the additional $50.00 to ship the car by 19 March to icrease the overall price from $775 to $825.
This new company was very rude to my wife during the pickup process. They did not call until they were already at the pickup site which did not leave enough time for my wife to get there. They then argued to her why she showed up late. If they would have called 30 minutes prior it what have avoided wait time for them. Some how the car arrived to CA in two days. Not sure how that is even possible, but I was called by the company on the other end saying they have my car. I was not in CA yet so they agreed to hold on to the car until the following Monday sicne I would not arrive until 24 March, 2013 in CA. Alan did say he would give $50 off on my next shipment, but my overall experience was to poor to go with this company again.

Company Response
Alan Matos from Trans Auto Transport FL LLC Submitted this response.
Response Date: 5/23/2013 9:05:00 AM
We first apologize for this terrible experience and ensure you that this is not a common occurrence with Transauto Transport. Your vehicle was brokered out to a carrier named LT Auto Moving Inc. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of not rescheduling with another carrier when your transport was already becoming complicated. We have contacted this company and discussed the extensive complaints aimed at their customer service and overall performance. Nevertheless, we do take responsibility to putting you in through this ordeal and offer out services at a discount price if you decide to transport another vehicle in the future. Please call us at 407-476-0406 Thank You.