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Don't use them, rude and dishonest

JWs Submitted this review about Total Auto Transport Corp.
Review made Live: 2/4/2013 4:49:00 PM

I own a small Motorcycle restoration business out of Central Texas and have been buying/selling/shipping motorcycles for over 30 years. The experience I have recently had with Total Auto Transport Corp out of Miami Fl is the worst I have ever had with shippers.
I first contacted them on January 21st to transport a pristine Kawasaki ZL1000 from Oregon to Texas after posting my job on line. I spoke to a Max who quoted me a price of $625 door to door. I asked Max several times if this was a solid bid and would not change due to any circumstances. He assured me it was rock solid and reiterated $625 was guaranteed and I then agreed to his terms, he sent me a contract and I made the customary $125.00 deposit.
On the following Friday I was again contacted by Max and he told me he had a driver but they wanted $200. additional. I reminded him of our conversation and he said they would pay $100 if I agreed to use this driver. I stuck to my guns but finally agreed to pay $50.00 more after Max's boss got on the phone and got angry at me.
On Sunday two men contacted my seller in Oregon and asked him to meet him at a rest stop outside of his city. (door to door?) He agreed and after loading up my bike set off to meet the drivers. They were there with a crowded automobile transport trailer. They wanted to load my pristine bike between two cars on the first level on a ramp. They had no motorcycle tie downs, only large automotive tie downs. The trailer had no bottom floor to protect the bike and although there were curtains on the side of trailer they obviously never used them. (this was supposed to be an enclosed trailer) These men had no obvious experience with motorcycles and were very rude and short when my seller questioned how the bike would be loaded and protected from the eliminates. My seller refused to turn the bike over to them, (thank goodness) and after they left him with several choice words left him standing at the rest stop scratching his head on why I would ever had set something like this up.
I spoke to Max today and asked for a refund of my deposit. He angrily defended the shipper and said they lived up to their side of the bargain by providing me with an enclosed trailer option. He refused to refund my deposit even after all the hassle he caused me and my man in Oregon. I told him I would leave appropriate feedback on line and he then accused me of trying to use extortion to get my deposit back. It's up to you if you want to trust anything to these guys who will promise you anything to get your business/deposit and then cheat you out of it by not delivering what they promised. Save your money and use a trusted shipper like Bike Haul, Federal Motorcycle shipping or Uship. In my opinion Total Auto Transport is not a legitimate and honest business and I feel it is my responsibility to share my bad experience with other potential victims.

Company Response
John Fernandez from Total Auto Transport Corp. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 2/7/2013 11:46:00 AM
Unfortunately the customer failed to share that once we knew he was not comfortable with the carrier we had offered to send out a new carrier but the customer refused. The assigned carrier shared that they were the HOT SHOT portion of the transport which typically are smaller local carriers which load up the big carrier ( 8-10 vehicles/multiple motorcycles) that do the longer interstate transports. We pride ourselves on being one of the top rated national transporters of motorcycles and provide exemplary transport for several dealerships , collectors,rallys and MC clubs.