Simple Auto Shippers - Exactly that and more!

Brian Copfer Submitted this review about Simple Auto Shippers LLC
Review made Live: 10/15/2019 6:12:00 PM
Having been my first time needing an auto shipped from one state to another, I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of calls I received once my need was out there. In all the confusion and irritation of numerous calls from high pressure brokers, I received a call from Bruce at Simple Auto Shippers (SAS). I thought great, another call. Sarcastically, I said "you got 30 seconds to impress, go" (Shark Tank style). He laughed, agreed to the challenge and absolutely killed it! "Simply" put, in 30 seconds he was able to clearly discuss their qualifications as a transporter, the qualifications he demands from those who transport for them and articulate SAS's customer service goals and how they stood above the rest. In those 30 seconds I went from irritation to a relaxed, at ease potential customer. I immediately knew SAS was who I'd go with. Once the contracts were signed (the go ahead) Bruce was in constant communication with me letting me know the steps along the way. I never felt in the dark. He aligned my needs with a highly qualified shipper who also communicated well. Pickup was easy and effortless and in the end, the auto was delivered a day early - awesome! If this is your first time using a transport service, worry no more. Bruce & SAS is your key to a safe, relaxed experience. You can't go wrong. Thanks Bruce!