Worst Ever

Mike S Submitted this review about Ship Your Car Now LLC.
Review made Live: 11/3/2017 3:39:00 PM
Listen, there are ton of fake reviews and this is not one of them.

I left Altoon Penn to go to Florida by train. I left my car to be picked up. I called SYCW and they said it would be picked up next day. It wasn't. Then it was day after at night. It wasn't. Then The next day, it wasn't. I called Grant (if that is his name) and it was one excuse after another. Things like 'the truck broke down' or the drivers cancelled. Then after $300 next day pickup, he then wanted $400 to relist it several days later. SERIOUSLY? After several days I fired them. They seem to have drivers there, but they are just brokers. They post the listing and a freelance driver will see it and decide if he wants to pick the car up. It seems like they are a scam.

Here is some of the e-mails with them:

Here's One:
"Its 4pm. What's going on with my car. I cant get ahold of you on the phone. Customer service just puts me on hold. I cant get any info. Can you call me and let me know when pickup is?"

And the response:
"Mike I had no idea the truck broke down until now. We just did a duplicate order to dispatch another driver asap! Sorry for the delay. Please sign those new e-docs I emailed you this morning so when we have the new driver we can dispatch the order to him immediately."

Here's Another
"Right now i need to know when will my car be picked up. Today? You are feeaking me out. It needs to get out of ecobolodge before they tow it away. Also i have some one in Baltimore that is going to drive it to florida in a few days. Its all riding on you. Will it be picked up today like you said?"

and the response:
"I left for the day..we are working on it now .. we had 2 drivers cancel today"

Here's Another:
"Mike, I received your message from dispatch. We are having a hard time getting the car picked up in time, the drivers want more money. Can we boost the price $100??"