horrible communication/never again!

dennis diplacito Submitted this review about Ship Your Car Now LLC.
Review made Live: 6/17/2016 3:33:00 PM
What a nightmare working with CFR Auto Direct who was brokered through shipyourcarnow!! Took 19 days to get my car from Boston, 7 days past the arrival date promised. The atrocious miscommunication started after contacting Wayne Friedman- my broker from shipyour carnow.com. I was first given a price of $950 to ship my car from Boston to So. Cal from WF. Then he notified me that it'd be $100 more because he thought the car was being picked up in Brooklyn not Boston. He said he'd misread the detailed email I'd sent him. We set a pick up date for either Friday or Saturday before Memorial Day weekend. By Friday I hadn't heard from anyone so I called and was told they didn't pick up on the weekend in Boston as it was CFR'S protocol, instead it'd be picked up on Tuesday after Memorial Day. What? No one told me that (including WF) and it's not what the contract stated. Then the following day, unexpectedly, TWO different drivers called at different times saying they were on the way to pick up the car. Neither knew of one another. I called dispatch and they were confused but said they'd call and cancel driver #2. The first driver picked up the car and left. Driver #2 called again saying he'd arrived. I told him what had happened and he said dispatch had never called him! I called on the day the car was to arrive since I hadn't heard anything and was told it'd be 7 days late! Even though the car had been picked up on Saturday, it wasn't delivered to the train terminal until 4 days later. I blew my stack, I was so frustrated with their lack of communication between dispatch, Wayne Friedman, the truck drivers and me. I complained to WF about these problems and he kept reassuring me that they were the best in the country and the rest of the shipment would go smoothly. I insisted on a $200 discount and CFR would only agree to $100. So when my car was about to arrive in CA I called CFR (please note I was the one who constantly had to call them) stating my car was scheduled to arrive the following day and I would like to be given an estimated time so I could be home. I was told the car would be delivered the following day around 1 pm. Literally 20 minutes later, a truck driver called and said he'd be at my house in 1 hour for the delivery of my car!! What??? He knew nothing about delivery being scheduled for the following day nor ANYTHING ABOUT THE DISCOUNT promised. I told him to call his dispatch before he showed up. So the car was delivered and the $100 discount was given. Unbelievable!! And this is the best company in the country Wayne Friedman??? The $100 discount didn't even come close to compensating me for all of their miscommunication, not to mention all the alternative plans we had to come up with to carry out our daily work responsibilities. I would never do business with them again!!