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LHK Submitted this review about Ship Your Car Now LLC.
Review made Live: 11/12/2013 1:59:00 PM
This was an international shipment so some of the questions above do not apply. Randle Ferrari hounded me for six months after I made first contact with him. I was thinking about shipping my car to the UK from the US because we are here for work temporarily. I finally decided to go ahead and ship the car using SYCN. Mr. Ferrari assured me that everything would be taken care of and he quoted me an all inclusive price. This was to include customs clearance, insurance, closed container shipping and all paperwork associated. They collected my car in the middle of August and the car is finally arriving in the UK on the 16th of November-three months later. The car has a lien on it and so I needed to have a release from my lienholder, but SYCN could not get their act together in two months to get paperwork to prove marine insurance. They continually claimed that until the car was assigned a ship they could not provide that information. Then, miraculously they produced a document that was signed by the finance officer of SYCN which satisfied the requirements of my lienholder. I was given a different story every time I contacted this company. I was treated very poorly and spoken to as if I was a moron. When the car was finally ready to be put on a ship I paid the balance due on my account (somewhere around $1500). I was then sent a bill for an additional $500. When I asked what the $500 was for Randle gave me an excuse about how disappointed he was to see that bill as well and that they had to take additional insurance out at the request of my lienholder. I called my lienholder and they said they never requested such insurance. I spoke with three people at SYCN that day and was talked down to and yelled at. I asked why they did not ever tell me that they were tacking an additional $500 on to my bill and nobody had an answer. The only thing I got was a change of subject and more yelling at me by Anthony Pisano, the finance guy. Finally, my husband emailed them to say that he would not pay. They cancelled this bogus policy and did not ask for the money anymore. I then saw the bill of lading and noticed that the car was sent to the wrong port. I sent an email to the carrier company to notify them that my car was not supposed to go to Southampton, but to Thamesport. I was notified by the carrier company that Thamesport had closed down. It took them SO long to get my car here that the port CLOSED DOWN!!!! The final nail in the cofffin is that they shipped my car RORO (roll-on, roll-off) after promising me over and over again that it would go in a container. I guess they skimmed their extra money off of me after all because it is cheaper to ship RORO than closed container. I have been notified now by many of their colleagues in the shipping industry that they are scam artists. BEWARE-they are not so cheap after all because they find ways to make their money off of you. If you want the job completed right and quickly and reasonably priced then steer clear of ship your car now. They would be more accurately called Ship Your Car....Eventually.

**The company attempted to have this review removed by repeatedly claiming that I was never a customer of theirs. I sent forward some of the vicious emails from Mr. Paisano to get the review put back up. If I were him I would not want the truth out either.

Company Response
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC from Ship Your Car Now LLC. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 11/12/2013 2:40:00 PM
We here at ship your car now are deeply disappointed at the inaccurate presentment of facts. Not once has this customer ever been spoken to in an unprofessional manner. Countless times Lessandre Kenkel and her husband John Kenkel were abrasive, antagonistic, and aggressive. We merely presented information to them and they argued with us every step of the way. As the customer puts it, the nail in the coffin had nothing to do with a phantom policy. Mrs Kenkel desired to ship a vehicle with a lien against it by a USA bank. In all instances, these vehicles require a marine minor damage insurance policy which Mrs Kenkel refused to purchase. Once it was explained over ten times about how it works, and the policy was secured and the bank green lighted the shipment both Lisa and her husband began an onslaught of calls and emails accusing ship your car now of thievery. The policy was cancelled upon their request, which is in writing and the vehicle still shipped unbeknownst to the lien holder. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. This customer refused to follow any rules or procedure in this process. Going forward we wish Mr and Mrs Kenkel all the best when they ship the vehicle back to the USA and find out that yet again all the same procedures are required.