tunnel truck

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Review made Live: 5/2/2013 2:27:00 AM
This was horrible experiance!!Mark is a jerk and liar.
car picked up friday 10 pm from CA to WA. mark told me its their own truck.It was a regular 10 car hauler with ramp they had to put broken 2x4 to get it on.i got the car 5 days later I was told monday I get it.I was told by driver it would not be moved so no chance to hit front spoiler .It was moved on the truck from back to the front.They took credit car and charged full amount 2 days before car even arrived.I asked him if thats norm shouldnt I get my car before you charge full amount he got pissed gave me lecture.My 67 year old mom received my e30 m3 car .I asked her to walk it.The drivers took video prior to pick up.I took pictures.The drivers marked every tiny thing.When my mom saw a 2 inch scratch right on th side of door cover /pillar she told them.Than the fun began.The driver said he will back up car for picture since we said "i was on lap top cam with mom"we want to note the scratch.He than tried to put the car back on the trailer.My 67 year old mom had call police .I started getting worried for my mom.They said to sign papers or they will take the car.we had no chioce but to sign it!!!!!!!.hope this helps anyone out!!