Scam Beware

Antonio Barranca Submitted this review about RoadRunner Auto Transport
Review made Live: 6/12/2020 11:40:00 PM
I had a terrible experience. I spoke with Sean Brady to arrange the shipment of my elderly father's vehicle to me. Sean knew my father needed to have a time and date arranged and confirmed due to his poor health. Sean promised me 10am on June 9th. I repeatedly asked if this time and day would be for sure, he always replied yes. I booked the shipment. On June 8th i still hadn't recieved confirmation so i called. Sean would not answer my calls or emails. I called customer service and they said the date was not guaranteed. So I cancelled. They charged me $135. I called to ask why since they had broken the verbal contract which i also had an email from Sean as proof. The girl became angry and told me they fight with their customers all the time and win because the written contract says you get charged if you cancel. She told me they welcomed the fight. I have continued to call and email Sean to see if he would help, but he won't return my calls or emails. In fact, since i paid he hasn't. Im certain this is a tactic they train to. Lie to the customer until they pay then ignore them. Just look at Google reviews. Im hardly the first. Ive opened a BBB case and they did in fact respond with the written contract and will not honor the verbal or email one i had with Sean. I am an active duty military member with a family of 4, so $135 means alot to me. It means nothing to them unless this is a tactic they rely on for income because no carrier was ever assigned, no time was lost, so they had no expenses. They simply train and employ tactics to rob people of their hard earned money. Because so many military use car transport companies I feel it is my duty to ensure this company stops. I will seek council from lawyers in the military system and explore government channels to have the blacklisted. I will devote both on duty and off duty time until I feel this company has changed their practices. I will post this story on every platform available. Your representative wanted a fight, but my fight isn't against Roadrunner my fight is for those who can't fight for themselves. I will attempt to protect the vulnerable against this scam.