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Vance Submitted this review about Red Carpet Auto Transport Inc.
Review made Live: 5/4/2013 3:07:00 PM
Our recent experience with the Dijon Express delivery driver and Red Carpet Auto Transport Inc. was absolutely terrible! We live in Texas and purchased a car from New York. On the day of the delivery, we were so excited since this was our dream car; but much to our surprise, upon arrival of the car we were faced to deal with an irate delivery driver from Dijon Express. The car looked like it had gone through an awful storm and worst of all was when we found the rear window to be left open. So you can imagine how filthy the condition of the interior of the vehicle was with ruined leather seats and soaking carpets. We were just shocked at this sight! After inspecting the car for less than 5 minutes, the delivery driver was yelling at us already demanding his money and he didn't want to accept any responsibility when we tried to show him that the rear window was left open. Stunned at his out-of-control behaviors, we decided to record it on our phone and take pictures. At that time, we called to speak with the manager of Dijon Express so, he is aware of the appalling incident that occurred. Also, we contacted Scott Young, account executive of Red Carpet Auto Transport Inc. to try and resolve this matter with the delivery company. However after a few phone calls and emails, Scott failed to respond to any of our last attempts and nothing was ever done to help with the unfortunate situation. Both of these companies have poor customer satisfaction and we recommend that you not involve yourself doing business with them. We were extremely dissatified and still have yet to hear from either one of them regarding any compensation for our damages!

Company Response
Terry Williams from Red Carpet Auto Transport Inc. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 5/4/2013 5:06:00 PM
SCOTT 602-428-6879 ~ scott@redcarpetautotransport.com ~ Thank you Vance for taking the time to provide this review. In this issue I was unable to get it worked out through an insurance claim because there was no actual damage to the vehicle. You did send me the detail recite for $75 showing the price of having the carpets cleaned. If I had proof that the window was closed before it was loaded on to the carrier then I would of been able to prove that it was the carriers wrong doing. Unfortunately all we had was the carriers story and the pickup persons story, obviously neither one wanting to take blame. In your attempts of sending me the video to my email it never came through showing an actual video, always said it was empty. I even tried creating my own Hotmail account to see if it was a cloud issue. I told you that you could also just send the video from your phone to mine but you never did. Since I'm not there for pickup, delivery, or the one transporting the vehicle all I have is what I am told by the parties involved and any pictures or documents provided to me. My job is to arrange for a licensed, insured, and highly rated carrier to provide a domestic door to door service transport. Giving me a 0 star rating for my efforts seems unfair in my opinion because if your transporting on an open carrier is the same as if you were driving the vehicle 1200 miles in regards to it getting rained on or any dust that might accumulate on the journey. A carrier will load a vehicle as is and doesn't know if everything on the vehicle works or not. Also unfortunately there was a language barrier between you and the driver and that's why the dispatcher was the one calling with updates. So to sum it up your vehicle was picked up and delivered in the time frame requested and we did have an issue with a back side window being left open and fingers being pointed both ways and Vance I'm available any time to talk about this but you have never gotten back in touch with me so I figured it wasn't an issue to you any more. Best Regards, Scott