Buyer Beware!

Scott Submitted this review about National Express Auto Transport
Review made Live: 4/22/2021 4:18:00 PM
Beware! National Express is merely a broker for independent car haulers. They neither vet the companies that haul your vehicle(s) and importantly they have zero ability to handle any issues that arise. We made the mistake of booking what was to be a direct door-to-door shipment of our four vehicles from San Antonio to Chicago with National Express. The driver was 6+ hours late picking up - not a huge deal. He planned to deliver the vehicles two days later as he had a deadline to meet delivering the first car on his trailer north of us in Wisconsin. Two days later he became incommunicado. National Express was unable to locate him or get any response. Only when I left messages on the driver's cell phone and with National Express the next week that I was going to report the vehicles stolen did I get a response: The transport truck had broken down in central Illinois and they were arranging an alternate truck. Meanwhile I'm racking up charges on rental cars. Eventually the driver informs me that he has made it to Chicago and will deliver the four cars the following day - P.S. make sure to be prepared to pay in cash. We agree that rather than attempting to dodge low tree branches and unload at our house that we'll take delivery in a nearby retail parking lot. The cars are already unloaded when I get there 5 minutes after getting the call they'd arrived. It was a cold and rainy day so we're wanting to get the cars home ASAP. The driver is there with three other men - all fairly rough looking to exchange keys for cash. Driver promises (sure) that he'll make up for the inconvenience and costs later - but he has to deliver the last vehicle and then get down to his broken truck and pay for that repair. When I get the vehicles home I find that our SUV has had the jack removed and the tool kit that accompanies it is missing. One of the Mercedes smells as if someone might have smoked in it and is missing a few items (sunglasses, etc.) from the console. When called about these the driver denies everything then no longer answers phone. National Express tells me the best they can do is put a bad review in their system for the driver. A month later I get the really great surprise: Unpaid toll violations for the Mercedes that smelled of smoke. I contact IL Tollway and they send me photos of the guy driving my car through toll booths along with nearly $200 in fines! Oh, and IL Tollway Authority doesn't care - they want their $s. Contact National Express. Their response: "Gee that's really bad. Sorry." Toll violations, stolen property and extra car rental cost far more than anything these guys saved me. If you think they're giving you a deal: Don't do it!