Worst Transport Company Ever!

Vetta Submitted this review about National Express Auto Transport
Review made Live: 9/18/2020 11:43:00 AM
When I signed up for the service I was assigned to Jorge Perez, he made everything sound just great and how he would be there for me through the entire process. When it was getting close for the company to pick my vehicle up, no one ever contacted me. I called Perez several times and left messages, to no avail. I spoke with a few other customer service reps that can only be described as "incompetent" and rude. On the day of my transport I was told they were still looking for a carrier to pick up my vehicle. In desperation, I contacted Roadrunner moving company, who literally picked up my vehicle 3 hours later. Two days later I received an email (not a phone call) from Jorge Perez telling me they found a carrier. I told him to basically "fuck off". He emailed me that no other carriers would pick up my vehicle, because I had a contract with National Express Auto Transport. Little did he know, my vehicle was already picked up safely by Roadrunner. *BEWARE* Please don't waste your time and most importantly cash with this company!!! You've been warned??

Company Response
Carl Rodriguez from National Express Auto Transport Submitted this response.
Response Date: 9/22/2020 7:21:00 PM
This customer's order was cancelled and deposit refunded after a profane and beyond disgusting phone call followed by even more atrocious and appalling email to our representative calling him several expletives INCLUDING A 3 LETTER WORD WHICH IS A DEROGATORY SLUR TOWARDS ORIENTATION for which I was completely shocked and repulsed to see IN WRITING. Her emails and calls used the "f"word the. "a" word repeatedly. This customer is leaving this review everywhere, and I will respond to it absolutely everywhere. I usually do not object against reviews, and we are always fast to own up to mistakes. Our goal is to provide honest and good service. However, I instructed the staff to no longer speak with the customer and cancel her order with a refund which we had the right to keep. We can only do so much and I really wish we could have helped but we cannot do our jobs being insulted and it will not be allowed. We originally contacted the customer with a carrier on the first date she gave us as available, 9/7 Delivery 9/12 but "it was too early" and she asked us to move the date forward to the 9th. We did without hesitation starting the 9-11th. (We ask for a 3 day range) Once again, as promised, a carrier was found on the 11th and the customer was not answering the phone so the "your carrier has been assigned' email was sent which then prompted the above mentioned exchanges without any logical reason whatsoever. Customer ended up reserving with 2 other brokers, Ship a car direct and Roadrunner, ultimately bidding against herself and by far overpaying for the same service 100% justly so.