Don't waste your time

Matthew H Submitted this review about National Express Auto Transport
Review made Live: 7/12/2017 5:40:00 PM
Called and scheduled my car to be picked up from Pennsylvania to Colorado on Wednesday June 28th. Gave my credit card info and everything and was hoping they would stick to their 1-3 day goal. They couldn't find a trucker willing to drive it to southern Colorado because they would only drive it to Denver or Colorado Springs. Fine, I'll drive the 100 or so miles and they took $50 off for gas. Day after day rolls by without me hearing anything from them. Calling them would just end up with one of them telling me they will call me back, which, big surprise, they didn't do. This happened on 4 separate occasions. I had my mom take a full week off work to be there to sign for the car and give it to them. I was told it would be picked up Thursday and then nothing. Then I call and ask and I'm told Friday. Friday night rolls around and still not a peep. I call again and I'm told Saturday. Nothing. I call again and I'm told Monday even though I told them 6 times prior that Monday will not work because nobody will be home. They tell me they will try to reroute the truck to pick it up Sunday and they will call me back after he hears something. Sure enough they don't call back that day and I hear nothing about the pickup. Then I call AGAIN and they tell me that suddenly they aren't willing to take my payment on the credit card because so much had gone wrong with my order and they were worried about a charge back. I put all my cash on my credit card because that's what the original payment agreement was. I tell them they have to pick it up after 7pm on Monday if they're going to try and then the trucker said it's way too late and they cancel my order, citing it was a disservice to continue to try and move my car for me. Sounds like some shitty PR cover. The fact that they wanted to change payment because they messed up so many times shows how shitty this company really is. No accountability for their actions whatsoever. Now I've wasted two weeks of my time and a week's wage for my mom to stay home because I took a chance with these incompetent fucktards. Please do not make the same mistake I did. Dealing with these people is not worth whatever they quoted you. Go with anyone else.

And if National Express Auto Transport wants to respond to this that's fine but if you guys lie and try to redirect this review as if it wasn't your fault, I'll leave another 1 star and reply that way. My interactions with you have shown me you have no concept of being accountable.