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Florida to PA Auto Move

William Bentrim Submitted this review about Motor Movers Auto Transport
Review made Live: 7/8/2015 3:48:00 PM
Everything they told me, they did.
Don Edwards at 480-719-7915 is a professional who delivers what he promises.
I highly recommend his services. Read below to see why.

BTW I did not receive a dime for recommending Don, he is not a relative nor married to a relative. This recommendation is purely based on my satisfaction with a job well done.

Transporting your vehicle can be a smooth move or a traumatizing event. I recently had to move my car from Florida to Pennsylvania. The process started with the Web where you can put in your information and get online quotes and lots and lots of follow up phone calls. The prices ranged from $495.00 to $1000.00 to move the same car on an open carrier. Almost every transport agent suggested that the competition would low ball you and then jack the price up when the time came to move your car. Oddly enough they were right.

I chose the transport company based on review found on Transport Reviews, what other information I could find on the web and information from the Better Business Bureau. I tried using the company that a friend used and recommended but they appear to do their own moving and wait until they have enough cars to make a trip. Their schedule and my schedule had no overlap. Frankly none of that mattered. I ended up selecting the top ad on Google and placed my order for transport about a month ahead of my need.

Now the people you are dealing with are not the people who will actually be moving your car. They are agents or brokers. Somewhere there is the "board" where your car and your destination and origin are listed as well as when you want your move. This "board" is where the actual people who move your car go to find business. The carriers bid on the business that they want. The broker puts up a price he wants to pay and if the carrier is willing to take the price they bid on it. Obviously destination place a part in their decision. Since this is the first time I have transported my car I was concerned about timing. I did not want to end up in Pennsylvania with my car still in Florida.

You are told by all of the brokers that you have to have a window of days for the car carrier, such as April 1 to April 3rd. Here is an example, you get quoted $850.00 to move your car. You accept that and your broker then posts on the "board" $650.00 to move your car. His commission is the $200.00 difference. Then a carrier bids and if the broker feels the carrier is a good quality carrier he may accept the bid. Then the carrier calls, you, the customer and says he can pick up your car on April 2nd. You agree on where to meet and then on that date you meet the driver and your car is picked up. With luck it will arrive when the carrier has said they will.

My misfortune was the first company I chose. The guy there promised me everything and delivered nothing. He had my info for over a month and I was assured everything was fine. He gave me a date that I would get concrete information on when my car would be picked up. He did not meet that date. Two days later he said he was having trouble finding a carrier. Would I be able to drive two hours away to pick up my car? This was touted as door to door service. I said I was not willing to drive two hours away and we ended up compromising on a 30 to 40 minute away location and the transport would be a couple of hundred dollars more than he had quoted. He said he would get back to me. Meanwhile it is Monday and my car needs to be picked up before my flight on Friday.

I called Don Edwards at Motor Movers. He explained the process and suggested a price but gave me a caveat that it was just an estimate as he might need to negotiate for a carrier due to the short time frame. He said he would get back to me in 24 hours. Twenty minutes later, Don called with a pick up day and a carrier. The carrier called me and since my Florida origination point was in a gated community we agreed on a meeting place 5 minutes away. The car was picked up and delivered to us the day after we got home. Delivered to my front door. No marks, no mileage on the car and no problems whatsoever except my Verizon cell phone charger was no longer in the car. It seems like if stuff would have been taken, there was more to take. I waited weeks before reviewing in case the phone charger showed up in luggage or something but it was in the car when it left Florida and not there in Pennsylvania. Minor issue but annoying.

The broker you chose will have a major impact on the carrier you get. I strongly recommend Motor Movers and Don Edwards due to the exceptional service I received.
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