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Amanda Johnson Submitted this review about Monty's Auto Delivery
Review made Live: 10/4/2010 12:06:00 PM
My husband and I have transported cars before but have NEVER had such poor service. The driver was 4 days late picking up the car which cost me 2 days off of unpaid leave. I was never updated on the status of the truck and had to call multiple times a day to find out if they were even going to make it. When they were actually able to come and pick up the car I couldn't get the day off so I had to leave the car in a walmart parking lot with the keys in it per the drivers instructions. I came by later that day and the car was gone, but I had never received a call to let me know that it was picked up. I again had to call to find out that it had been picked up and to confirm that it had not been stolen. I called multiple times on the road to make sure that I could be there for pick up. I told them multiple times that my husband was deploying 4 days after they were suppose to be delivering the car and that we would be unable to pick it up that day so I could spend time with him and take him to the airport. However, even with all the time spent trying to coordinate and call to see where they were I received a call the night before my husband left saying that he thought he couldn't be there until 2pm the day that my husband was suppose to leave. He also informed me that my car didn't run anymore which was interesting since it was running fantastically before it was loaded onto the truck. So, after bidding my husband fair well I went off to pick up my car. I sat in the parking lot for 2 hrs before I was called and the driver let me know that he didn't think he could make it that day. He also proceeded to tell me how my husband and I were extremely unreasonable and that we just needed to understand that the trucking business was very fluid. He also told me that my husband was unrealistic and just expected everything to work out exactly how he wanted because he was in the military and used to having people follow his commands. So not only was my car 12 days in transport I also had to listen to the driver bash my husband over the phone. The worst part is that you can't do anything about their lack of customer service or desire to fulfill their contract because they have your car and if you want it back you have to pay them. If you are wise you will never use this company. They could care less about you as a customer.