complete shitshow.

Max Submitted this review about Montway Auto Transport
Review made Live: 9/13/2021 3:13:00 PM
Scathing Review To whomever this may aid in deciding the service of a transnational motor vehicle shipment company, The issue revolves around my car shipment from Orange County, California to Evanston, IL. In my initial phone conversation with the agent, I was informed that the regular service asks for a window of a few days for pick up (reasonable); however, as I was soon leaving for Evanston, my availability rests on just one day. The company agreed that they can complete my special request given an additional premium of 300 - 400$ (I forget the exact amount now), which I agreed to. When pick up day came, the driver asked if my pick up date could be changed to the following day (twice), which I explained was impossible. This is all fine, but serves as context to the following calamity. When he finally does confirm my required pick up date, he called saying that he cant fit his truck into my street, and I would need to personally drive the vehicle to meet him a mile out. I was confused because I did not realize this was part of the “door-to-door” service promised. After minimal dispute, I agreed to drive my car out to meet him in an effort to be a team player. I greet the driver, who blatantly ignores my handshake and continues his inspection, donning a big set of headphones. I repeat myself again, which he ignores. The entire exchange was curt. Fine, whatever. Fast forward, I’ve arrived in Chicago, and the car was en route. I receive a letter from Montway Auto Transport, detailing that the estimated date of arrival should be between Sept 2 - 3; however, delays may happen—which again, is understandable. By Sept 4, the car still hasn’t arrived so I call the operators for assistance. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, I was informed by an agent that the reason they could not give me an exact time frame was because “they couldn’t reach the driver.” I don’t know about my fellow prospective customers, but I was baffled by the irresponsible statement, given the tag line in their unnerving phone ringtone promises “peace of mind for your car.” I instantly became upset, and demanded that they get in contact with this driver. The agent, then informs me that “he and his colleagues are all overworked and tired,” and that “it’s not their responsibility to have contact with the driver because he is a third-party vendor not directly associated with the company.” Well. I’m not quite sure what I was paying this company for then? Leisurely chats? The call ended by me demanding a phone call from them the following day (which did come). On the day actual day of drop-off, the driver sends me a text message with a location that wasn’t my place of residence. Again, confused, I called him wondering why he sent me an address 3 miles away from my home. He informed, once again, that his car was too big to fit on to my street. At this point, I have seen his truck— it was not too big. Additionally, I did not have a valid IL license, and as an international student, I wasn’t going to risk driving without a license. He told me he’s just going to meet there whether I like it or not. I, ONCE AGAIN, call the head operator, and brief them of my situation. They understood, and informed me that I could sign a waiver form which allows the driver to personally drive my car if I agreed to it. I did, and the company told me they would contact the driver regarding the situation. After approximately an hour, my car was still not here, and I decided to personally contact the driver. I asked him if he was delivering my car, and instead of agreement, he started swearing at me over the phone, “fuck you, fuck you man, you’re the worst customer ever, why is everyone else cool with this but you, fuck you.” He proceeds to hang up on me. Now, I’m not normally someone who feels the need to Karen-up the situation and speak to a supervisor, but this was completely inappropriate. I called the operators to speak to a manager, and was told I would be in contact with one, 4 separate times (from Thursday till today Monday). Every time I was hung up on or just not called back. Only the last time when I insisted on staying on the line, as he manually finds a supervisor, did I speak to someone in charge. Now, the single, redeeming quality of this company was that the supervisor was very professional and apologetic. He assured me that driver would be terminated. I appreciated the sentiment, but at this point I just want my money back. Can someone tell me that this isn’t justified? I don’t know about you, but 20+ phone calls finding the whereabouts of my car over the course of a week doesn’t necessarily align with the tagline “Peace of Mind.”