Water damage

Maddy Submitted this review about Montway Auto Transport
Review made Live: 9/9/2020 8:30:00 AM
DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. I transported my vehicle from California to Florida and they delivered my vehicle to me in horrible condition, extremely filthy and with water damage. The transporter drove my car across the country with all my windows down... He delivered and left my car at the wrong address while it was running and left alone in the middle of a random parking lot. For all I know my car could have been stolen. My car is now having electrical problems due to the water damage and my interior smells awful! I reached out to the carrier (Montway Auto transport) explaining to them what horrible service i had received and not to mention, the high price i paid for this service to transport my vehicle. They paid $200 to get the interior cleaned. BUT THAT DOES NOT SOLVE MY ELECTRICAL AND MILDEW PROBLEMS I AM NOW HAVING. Montway auto transport will no longer answer my phone calls to fix the actual problem. I have reached out with phone calls and emails to get them to pay for the damage there company did. I do not recommend this service whats so ever. Also to mention the driver was a complete idiot who was clearly high on drugs. Good luck!

Company Response
Montway from Montway Auto Transport Submitted this response.
Response Date: 9/10/2020 4:03:00 PM
Hello Maddy, While we appreciate constructive criticism meant to assist us with improving our services, publishing non-truths is not only disappointing, but it borders on libelous slander as well as does a serious disservice to any current or potential future customers reading this review. Here are the facts: - Montway fulfilled its obligation as a broker, services were rendered by assigning a licensed and insured motor carrier. Meaning our offered assistance with your undocumented claim was above and beyond that role. - Montway never took possession of your vehicle, and therefore never drove it across the country. - The motor carrier that transported your vehicle also did not drive it across the country but hauled it on a licensed and insured car hauler truck/trailer. - You authorized the delivery location and without being present, voluntarily paid the motor carrier electronically for the transport. - There was no jeopardy of the vehicle being stolen at any point and had it been, your vehicle was fully covered. - To say the driver was on drugs is disturbing, false, and libelous defamation of character pursuable by law. - You reported one back window was left cracked open, and at no point was it reported all windows were left down. - Time-stamped pictures from delivery show the windows are up. See here: https://i.imgur.com/evPvEjs.jpg - No pictures were presented showing 3 inches of water in the vehicle. In fact, no verifiable evidence has been presented to help us pinpoint the driver caused this situation. - You informed our agents that you were the decision-maker for the transport and not your father and therefore we followed your direction to help set up a deep cleaning of the interior which the motor carrier offered to pay for out of courtesy to their relationship with Montway. - The deep cleaning process that you approved was a professional water extraction certified cleaning service, it was not only dry vacuumed. - A senior manager personally reached out to help explain all details and aspects of the situation. This was dismissed and the unfortunate truth is your claim was hindered by your lack of documentation and refusal to understand our role and so we did the best we could, to get you the most we could, based on what we had to work with from you. Throughout this process, our staff endured endless abusive, derogatory, demeaning, and harassing calls from your father yet our staff kept it professional and continued helping. We have reported this review for violating review policies as reviews are supposed to share factual experiences and not defamatory comments. Good or bad, we welcome accurate experience descriptions from our customers, and therefore, respectfully ask that this review is revised with the facts. If the reviewer would like to discuss this further, we encourage them to reach out to feedback@montway.com.